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Successful Hunt with First Ever Hand Loads

27 Nov 2016
@ 12:56 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Got a chance to try my first ever hand loads with a 338-06 and Hornady 225 grain SST's. Hit an old, past his prime red stag dead on in the neck in brush country. The load didn't disappoint.

The 338-06 isn't a well known cartridge but it works very well. The bullets hit like a train, and the recoil is not noticeable when hunting. I wouldn't want to sit at the bench all day with it for sure.

I can only imagine what a cartridge like this would do on larger animals like moose, and elk at reasonable ranges. Hope one day I get a chance to find out.

Thanks to Nathan for helping me out in getting started with proper reloading. The cartridge book is excellent, and I'd highly recommend it.


27 Nov 2016
@ 09:57 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Successful Hunt with First Ever Hand Loads
Good going, Lane. It's very satisfying seeing your handloads do their job. It is a real transition from book to field and it makes you feel good.

That calibre is not unknown here in B.C, it's not common but there are quite a few. And it does work very well on moose and elk. I haven't heard of anyone using it on bears, but there is no reason why it wouldn't
01 Dec 2016
@ 01:29 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: Successful Hunt with First Ever Hand Loads
Congratulations on getting a nice red deer with your own hand loads. It sure does make for a special hunt when you can take an animal with a load you've put together yourself.


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