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HS Precision stock renovation

15 Nov 2016
@ 09:56 am (GMT)

Ben Law

So I picked up a used HSP stock, same shape as Sendero, for a left hand rem700 short action. The price was too good to pass up.

I will keep a look out for a 700 sps varmint .308 in the future.

The stock has had a spray can camo job and the sling swivel studs removed. I can see where the stud holes have been filled and painted over and as I want to be using a sling I will need to refit some studs.
It seems the front studs are threaded into the alloy skeleton, but from reading online they seem to be a hard to find thread, I'm not sure about the rear stud.

Worst case I will sand, prime and paint with matt black spray can and epoxy in some new studs, should come up nice with a bedding job.

If anyone has any tips on sling studs or painting it would be much appreciated.


15 Nov 2016
@ 09:59 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Hi Ben, check with Dan at Reloaders, he may have the correct Mike's stud.

The stocks take either enamel or epoxy paint without reacting. Epoxy is the strongest. I see there are some spider web enamel paints at Super Cheap at the moment. Not sure how good the quality it and I did not check close to see the gloss. Could be worth investigating if you want this type of finish. Marty had very good results with VHT wrinkle on one of his projects.

Can't go too far wrong with this. Mistakes can be fixed.
16 Nov 2016
@ 04:04 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Yep VHT wrinkle finish which can be brought from Auto stores like Bursons or Repco.

I have done all my rifles bar one. It will scratch and wear but takes a fair beating then as Nathan said just redo the worn areas. Grip levels are excellent in any conditions and l do mean any!

It's on the grips on my 9.3mm Tikka in the build/bedding post. l have only redone my 22 which was the first l trialled it on years ago. Best finish is when used in 3 fairly light coats and left to cure/shrink for 2-3 warm days (must do!). Both my Rem LR rigs wear it and have been lightly painted over with green pressure packs.

If you have a mate in the auto repair game, the Raptor 2pac ute liner-stone guard may be worth a go & has the option to be tinted. This would give a similar finish to factory.
16 Nov 2016
@ 05:01 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
yes you will be doing blood well to wear through the bed liners I think super cheap auto sell the "hippo liner" not as good as raptor liner or speedliner but a lot cheaper
17 Nov 2016
@ 11:00 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Thanks for the reply's.
Will get onto dan @ reloaders about the studs.

The wrinkle paint and bedliner look interesting as does the webbing paint.
This will be quite a long term project, so i might get hold of some spray cans to test out.
I have seen a spray can product called dupli color bed armour that people have claimed good results with, might be worth a try.
18 Nov 2016
@ 08:57 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Polyamide epoxy primer.

Aliphatic polyester urethane finish.

It will wear like iron.

A little dab'll do ya, so you won't need much. 2-3 mils of epoxy, and 1-2 mils of urethane. Just enough to get the epoxy covered.

Stay away from anything that reads alkyd on the product data sheet or MSDS. They are soft.
16 Dec 2016
@ 08:53 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
I read this thread a couple of weeks ago.
I have the same stock and used super cheap auto "bed armour" in a spray can.
It's a mat black. About 25 dollars. It came out well, I also did the bottom metal. Great look and texture.
I can't yet say how long it will last, but seems strong.
At this stage I recommend it.
17 Dec 2016
@ 10:07 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Thats good to hear jason.
I will give this bed armour a go. Do you have any tips for applying?

I havent done anything with my stock yet, got the sling studs from dan but havent even checked if they fit yet.
22 Dec 2016
@ 08:03 am (GMT)


Re: HS Precision stock renovation
I just washed the stock.
Test sprayed the can on firewood.
Applied thin coats. The first coat was patchy as I didn't want thick coats with runs. I went inside and told the Mrs, I think I just wrecked my nice stock.
Waited ten minutes and applied the 2nd coat, and it filled in and looked much better.
Then another ten minutes and did the third coat. Looked good.
I could of done a fourth. But it looks great.

The can says ten mins between coats. I did it in the nice warm wood shed.
The can also says three days to fully harden. But I seen a guy on the internet use it saying his test piece took a week. I was careful after three day until the week was up.

(I'm by no means a painter or expert but this worked for me)
22 Dec 2016
@ 08:07 am (GMT)


Re: HS Precision stock renovation
I guess I'm saying it can look a bit blotchy but it seems to cure and even out looking great.
One can was plenty.
06 Feb 2017
@ 02:00 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: HS Precision stock renovation
Had a bit of a tinker this morning, the mikes studs were too big for the threads in the stock. I remember reading online somewhere about HSP changing the thread sizes somewhere along the line.

Probably a good thing because I re-tapped them to fit the larger 10-32 thread.

I have a can of Dupli-color bed armour ready for another day.


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