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would it work/is it feasable???

11 Nov 2016
@ 02:34 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

ok first off funds not there yet and havent completely poked barrel yet...just testing waters with you knowledgable folk.
my current rifle is winchester mod 70 lightweight..the mid 80s non controlled feed soda straw barrel model in .270 win
when time to rebarrel could this be done.....
reem chamber to .280AI but in a .270 barrel and reem throat accordingly?
also would standard .280AI dies with .270 resizing ball/decapper work?
and no I dont want a imitation 7mm/.284 thus the .270 barrel the "true 7mm"

with a say 26" barrel would all the pissing around be worthwhile or would it be better to stick to std .270 win?


11 Nov 2016
@ 08:00 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: would it work/is it feasable???
hi Mike
sorry to be the bearer of bad news but don't think so.
the 280AI would open up the neck and throat to much
so what you want is a 270AI?
you got couple options. you could chamber it in 270win and then get a small caliber reamer to do a second cut, maybe 260 AI?
but the best option is to find a 270gibbs or 270 hawk reamer

you might get away with a 280ai collet and a 270 mandrel if you open up the fins in collet but your would be far better off getting custom collet made.
any other type of die i can't really see working as they normally squeeze the neck then open it back up again as it drags back out over the mandrel. its whether the first squeeze is enough.

11 Nov 2016
@ 04:33 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: would it work/is it feasable???
It may also be more efficient and less costly to have a new Tueflight barrel put on that action and chambered for what is needed.
11 Nov 2016
@ 07:44 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: would it work/is it feasable???
Yes, unfortunately, the neck would be wider so the case expands further during ignition, offering less control. Ongoing reloading may see the necks worked heavily. This may lead to differences in neck temper / tension over a short period of time and a further loss in accuracy.

Its one of those things where you could get away with it for general hunting but its not ideal for accuracy work.

If the throat of your rifle is worn, this cannot really be addressed because the Featherwieights have no meat at the knox. This prevents the barrel being docked at the chamber end and turned in to shift the throat forwards. You may also find that years of use have caused wear in the bore including barely perceptible flash rusting at the intersection of the lands and grooves, especially towards the muzzle. The throat may be the least of concerns.

I know what you mean when you say that the .270 is true to 7mm while the 7mm is actually .2mm wider. However the original 7.2mm bore generally features faster twist barrels and heavy bullet options so try to keep an open mind about this. Perhaps you have been put off by seeing a number of idiot tactical .280AI rifles, there was a run of these custom chop shop botched up rifles floating around for some time with all of the whistles and bells, loaded too hot for the brass. Yours would also make a very nice .30-06 AI if you want something a bit different. This would give you a very wide range of bullet options / experimentation and great reach.

Your action is magnum length. All that is required is to unblock the magazine box and open the bolt face and you can run some very potent cartridges including .300 Win Mag and 7mm Practical. These actions may not have been the epitome of the Winchester design but can be an absolute joy to own and use.

Whatever the case, just keep in mind that the more power you adopt, the less usable the featherweight system will become, the rifle being hard to control under recoil. A better forend and a wee bit more meat to the barrel will help a great deal if you decide to adopt a more potent chambering. If you really wish to try a magnum .270 without adopting a Weatherby (am thinking back to past posts), you could have a new .270 cal barrel reamed to .264 Win Mag, then finished with a standard .270 reamer, then neck size .264 or 7mm rem Mag brass to suit.

If you want a standard .270 but as an AI chambering without purchasing your own reamer, then you would need to run 6.5-06 AI, then finish with .270 Win. Its a lot of work for maybe 50fps depending on the bore. The .270 Gibbs would be more potent. But if you really want to increase velocity substantially, a magnum is the simple option.
12 Nov 2016
@ 03:42 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: would it work/is it feasable???
thankyou guys for the well considered replies.
30/06AI sounds like a interesting idea....... std .270 win with the longer barrel should put me up where it shouldve been from the get go......
recently swapped my scopes around to put best scope on the big rifle.
had a heck of a job getting my older vx11 3x9x50mm to line up on it... first off the bases were too far apart (just) but realised the rear base could be turned around which sorted that issue again just enough
then elevation was all up the whack.....5 thicknesses of aluminium sprite can carefully cut to fit inside lower half of front base sorted that out
got it bore sighted then went to was then way to high....6" so dialed it down...two trips taking it for walk in mountains without fireing shots later..... went out this morning early in rainy conditions,no deer about but big fat hare sitting smack bang in middle of my deer clearing 250 yards from my lookout point....when decision to call it a day as its too plurry wet was made I decided to ventilate hare....well super steady rest over daybag and absolutely no wobble, and I missed not once but 3 times,third shot I aimed 6" low and that one made it move but not connected...grrrrrrr
came home and ALL scope mount screws were loose by half turn or more grrrrrrrrr
rectified that put collimeter/bore sighter on it and moved cross hairs 1moa up and back out to range

first shot 9" high but in line
dialed it down and next shot back on the money 3" high
going through a really bad venison drought at this time...havent shot a deer for 6 months...9 trips with nothing after a run of 10 from 10 trips
it might be time to forget sniping and take my short range bush carbine and beat the bushes/fight the bush lawyer and just get a venison.....
maybe the 35whelan would be a better fit for this bush hobbit LOL
12 Nov 2016
@ 04:32 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: would it work/is it feasable???
hi mike.
have your thought about going 30/06 dies are easy, reamer is easy, everything is so simple.
it'll give you your bush rifle and long range rifle all in one go.
sounds like it might be time to find some of the burris signature rings as im worried about how much stress your putting on your scope.
reloaders supplies did have a set in stock last time i was in there.

i do know someone with a nice 308 norma mag reamer if you want to go magnum.

im sure we'll see a post about a deer shot soon enough Mike, a day in the hills still beats a day at work even if you come home empty handed



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