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Re: 300 RUM performance

03 Jan 2013
@ 05:13 am (GMT)

Chris Hunt

Just read the latest NZ hunter mag and there 7lb scoped rifle cambered in 7mm Fatmax (Wildcat) 300 norma necked down to 7mm. IT shoots a nosler 150 e- tip down loaded at 3400 fps and has 1/2 inch POI difference (to the right) than there 180 Berger long-range load of 3250fps with muzzle brake. So it is possible ! and they push the a-max close to 3500fps all out of a short action Remington.

I am open minded ! and there are guys out there with some impressive rifles pushing the boundary's.

"The .300 RUM will give you decreased wind drift, that is where its strengths lay."
Thats what I want !!!

The 300 RUM can be LOADED TO 300 WIN MAG And 30-06 so 3 rifles in one.

I have ordered the rifle like I said at the start of this thread so to late now ! but if I was going to get a 7mm it would be the 7mm STW I don't want the hassle of wildcats

I am aware of the heat issue in the skinny barrel but just because you have a Fat Barrel doesn't mean its going to be accurate.

Remington spss can run a M14x1 thread for muzzle

You down loaded your 7mm-300 win mag for a 140 sierra bullet test for New Zealand outdoor and hunting Magazine why not use your 7mm rem mag? Marketing the 7mm practical ?

With a BC of .475 7mm 160 partition stated
why would you bother ? when you have a 162 a-max at an actual .600 BC Tested at around 3000fps in 7mm rem mags unless you are trying to handicap yourself ? 600 yards in knowledge base from a MV of 3100fps

Cant comment on slow wounding in 338 as i haven't seen it.

Hope 208 a-max works out in my 300 rum and that hornady bring out a 230-240gn a-max in 30 cal or get a hold of those matrix bullets in 210 with there high b.c


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