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From 7Express to 7x64

20 May 2011
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Claude Boissery

Hi everyone
Just in case some of you might be shooting 7x64 Brenneke;a little hint as to how to get good necksizing dies at low cost:here we go:since the 7 Express(280 Rem)and 7x64 are nearly twins,the latter case shorter by 0.5mm,and it's a damn hassle ,to say the least,to get Lee collet die and factory crimp die for this caliber,one can order the needed dies in 7Express and then have a machinist grind them off,or for those who have a good oil stone(very flat,medium grit)grind them themselves in crisscross passes;it's a bit tedious but a nice fresh beer can does marvel to ease it off....It worked for me so!!!Tata.


11 Aug 2011
@ 02:28 pm (GMT)

Vincent Yarrow

Re: From 7Express to 7x64
Thanks Claude

RE : "Hi Vince

You might say I meddle in affairs I have no business with,but after following your discussion with Nathan over what caliber you shall use,let me suggest that in case you come across a good rifle in 7x64 Brenneke(CZ has some,I bought one 3 years back,pretty neat piece of steel,let me tell you)or a good second hand one(more difficult to find maybe since people don't lke to part with them once they've tried them),well in case you're lucky enough to find one,buy it,it's the correct caliber for your needs.Read Nathan's articles about both the 7x64 and the 280Rem,they're practically twins,i even use 280 Lee dies to reload my 7x64,the 280 case(also known as 7mm Express)is only 0.5 mm longer in the neck than the 7x64 which has a steeper shoulder and little less taper.Their ballistics data are therefore interchangeable and their performance are the same,so as I say,it's more a matter of finding one that fits your budget,and another advice,whatever caliber you get in the end,make sure the barrel is at least 24" or better 26",don't mess up with short barrels,not in these calibers. Well,a good day to you Vince and good luck with your quest.
PS:I have posted a comment on how to adapt Lee dies in 280 to 7x64 in this forum,check it out if you like."

When I get around to building a .280 Rem I will be using a Savage Accu trigger Action as my starting point For 1 simple reason THERE IS NO BETTER TRIGGER OUT THERE ! In My Opinion anyway.

I went to THE AUSTRALIAN DEER ASSOCIATION show here last weekend and spoke with a barrel maker/ gunsmith about the cost of getting a barrel made and fitted to a Savage 111 action and to say the price was STEEP would be an understatement he wanted $700 just to make the barrel PLUS Fitting.

So for now I will be sticking with a Savage axis stainless in 30-06 for that extra distance and start saving for a barrel in .280 for the conversion at a later date.

( There is a Timminey Trigger available for the AXIS Now ) $150 AU approx cost.

Total cost for this conversion at current prices would be about $1450 plus scope. which is only $100 more than the 111 long range hunter in 7mm Rem Mag 26" barrel/ with muzzel brake plus scope. But with a 26 stainless barrel & action instead of a carbon steel barrel.

Or maybe I will just bite the bullet and spend the extra $145 and get the 116 FCSS in 7mmRem Mag 24" barrel or the extra $410 and get the 111 long range hunter in 7mm Rem Mag 26" barrel/ with muzzel brake.

The next option would be for target use on as it weights so much. The model 12 Long Range Precision in .260 Rem at a hefty 11 lbs.

The advantages of the other models in 7 Rem mag paticularly the model 116 fcss is that it is so much lighter weighing in at 7.15 lbs plus scope and ammo/sling for a total of maybe 8 lbs loaded. So I can still carry it in the feild for hunting.

Who Knows at this point I am still doing the research as to what will work best for me and my budget.

Regards Vince.



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