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Re: Ignorance is bliss

04 Nov 2016
@ 06:19 am (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Hi All,

Well this turned into a very interesting thread and some good reading! Apart from all the very good advice given above, I would highly recommend slowing down a bit and go through the books step by step.. Especially the Long Range Rifles book. It really does go through the basics of what you want, as well as the pro's and cons of each action.

So take your time and go through all the books step by step. If you need to save up some, that is actually a blessing in disguise because it gives you enough time to do research and you make more informed decisions (and prevent quick buys haha.

Avoid media hype, this is more or less the only place I've found that cuts through the marketing bs. You will also be shocked with the lack of knowledge the average guy has. The internet has given a platform for anyone to share their "wisdom" most of who should keep quite.

I think once you settle on a caliber for your intended purpose, the rest will fall into place, things like magazine length may make the choice between the M700 and Tikka easy.

Anyways, follow the books and avoid disappointment, it really is that good.



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