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19 May 2011
@ 09:04 am (GMT)

Mike Brill

Still looking in to a LR rifle and happened on to a 308 norma magnum.
cant find to much usefull info on this calibre.

What are your guys thoughts??

Anyone shooting or has shot one of these??

Im looking to get into abit of LR shooting/hunting and am trying to find a good cheep starting point



22 May 2011
@ 10:32 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .308 NORMA MAG
Hi Mike, sorry for the late reply, its been a busy time.

The .308 Norma is perfectly adequate for long range shooting. Main advantage is the generous neck length which aids bullet to bore concentricity. The FBI had a similar version many years ago- from memory, I think they called it the .30 FBI. The design premise was the same, a long necked cartridge for optimium alignment/ accuracy.

Velocities for the Norma are actually only 100fps below the Win Mag. In some rifles, velocity differences are closer to 50fps. You will also be able to use 7mm rem Mag brass or .338 Win mag brass to make cases. Actually, this is how the Norma came into being, guys initially wildcatted the .338, necking it down to .30 cal for long range competition, Norma saw the potential and ran with it.

One thing, please make sure the rifle you are looking at has a suitable twist rate for the modern bullets you will be using. 1:10 is best for the heavy bullets, 1:12 will limit you to 168 grain bullets. If the rifle comes with a scope, make sure it does not have short eye relief. Some rigs are set up this way (sold with Chinese optics) and can have you cut up and flinching within a few shots.


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