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Re: Nosler partition

11 Oct 2016
@ 08:37 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Damn, that must mean that Jack O'Connors life work was a lie, that Boddington's photos were all photo shopped and that the guy quoted below was also lying.

Quote from other Nosler Partition thread:

Hi Nathan!

Just wanted to report back on my friends trip to Namibia. He went down there with his 308W and 180gr Nosler Partitions. I loaded them to 770m/s. The load was very accurate in is Sako A7 SS, and ES showed +/- 1m/s. Well a couple of days before he took off we talked to a guy who had been to the same place 3 times. He was strongly against my friend using 308W and even worse Nosler Partition. I asked him why and got a shit storm of crap.

My friend who is not a very experienced hunter got a little nervous, so I had to calm him down telling him that his new load would do more damage than just leaving blue spots on the animals... We talked a lot about shot placement and i gave him drawings/photos of an oryx and hartebeast with the vitals on it.‎ We sighted in 6cm high on 100m, and i talked him through the ballistics and even gave him a very simple 0-300m dropchart to study just so he could be familiar/comfortable with his PBR.

The result... He shot 15 animals in 16 shots. Everything but 1 animal dropped in its tracks. The shots was taken from 50 - 220 meters standing with shooting stick. Among the animals was 7 oryx and 1 hartebeast...

When I saw him after he returned, he smiled and said: "I'll go back there any time with my 308W and NPs!!!"

The truth is - the other hunters on that trip had listened to the man I mentioned before and loaded up with heavy for caliber, A-frames, TSX and other very hard bullets ‎. They had to use 3-5 shots/animal...

Nathan - Thanks for your advice- it was a true success!


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