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Remington 700 SPS

10 Oct 2016
@ 07:44 am (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Hi guy's just wondering your thoughts on the remington 700 SPS I'm keen on getting a 7mm rem mag to have more stopping power at range I'm not capable of long range at this stage but working towards it my main question is. Is this model capable of long range I know these stocks are not the best but is the action and barrel contour suitable


10 Oct 2016
@ 04:15 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Remington 700 SPS
Best to replace the stock as I personally never liked them. Of course you can use Nathans bedding and filling products (instructions in his books and online here.

For a lower cost stock replacement, I would consider one of the Boyds laminated wood stocks, epoxy bed it and you should do well with it.

For a little more I like the Bell and Carlson Medalist stock with the full aluminum bedding block, just drop the rife in, tighten the action screws, torque it to the right tension and you are good to go.
10 Oct 2016
@ 04:23 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Remington 700 SPS
I was helping a fellow at the gun range the other day who had a new Tikka T3X Varmint in 7mm Remington Magnum. Once we got his scope mounting straightened out I bore sighted it at 50 meters, shot once at 100 on paper, adjusted the scope then fired five shots giving 5 minutes between shots.

Result with Remington Factory ammo was under 1 inch. The stock on these new ones is a bit better as well as far as flexing goes.
10 Oct 2016
@ 05:23 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Remington 700 SPS
hi Brendon
from my understanding the sps can be bit hit and miss but you do end up with a remington action no matter what happens which are easy to work with and easy to find parts for.
just have a quick look at specs to as the sps might be light for a 7mm rem mag.
the long range model was getting good reviews which isn't a massive jump up in price just not sure if they have a stainless model yet.

obviously in the perfect world it would be better to buy a sendero but getting that one past the mrs isn't quite so simple
10 Oct 2016
@ 06:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Remington 700 SPS
Hi Brendon, this is covered in your copies of the rifles and accurizing book. The comments still stand and the steps are laid out. These can make for an ideal project. Barrel contour is quite good for the Rimutaka and Ruahine terrain.
12 Nov 2016
@ 12:39 am (GMT)

Dale Wilhelm

Re: Remington 700 SPS
Brendon if you decide to go smaller than than the 7mm Rem Mag I still have a brand new 7mm-08 SPS here that needs to move to make room. See the for sale section of this forum for details.
As noted above they are quite a light rifle for the larger calibres so best to try and fire one before spending money, particularly if you of smaller build.


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