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Supressor on 25-06

10 Oct 2016
@ 03:47 am (GMT)

Jeremy Tye

I am considering putting a supressor my 25-06 mostly for noise reduction in the field. The gunsmith has suggested the barrel be shortened to 21". Will this compromise the performance of the rifle where 24" barrels are recommended for this calibre? I have the option to leave as is at 24" but realise this will affect balance and I will have a considerably longer piece of kit to carry round but in my view this is preferable to negating the rifles performance.


10 Oct 2016
@ 08:32 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Supressor on 25-06
as I own a .270win with 20ish inch barrel and have suppressor on it......
leave it have a cartridge/calibre that is ment to be fast so try it as it is now...sure it may well be a mongrel to carry... now if you sling it across your front with pistol grip on left side (right hander) it will be fine in open country the extra length juts out past right ear
alteratively carry upsidedown under offside arm with sling over that shoulder only.....deer cullers "quick draw" your off hand will sit comfy on end of forestock.
at end of dat it will cost you $65-$85 to get it cut shorter if it is too much of a pain, when in the bush/tight scrub, put can in your daybag as at sub 50 yards the difference in poi should be about 1-2 inches (it is on all of our rifles)
10 Oct 2016
@ 05:33 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Supressor on 25-06
hi Jeremy
i would leave it long but there's a little more to this depending on the contour of your barrel.
if your barrel is of very thin profile its sometime better to shorten it so there's more metal for threading and a better shoulder for the suppressor to butt up against.

i wouldn't go shorter then 22 try leaving it 23-24 if possible is my opinion
10 Oct 2016
@ 06:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Supressor on 25-06
Yes, unfortunately, the .25-06 derives its good killing performance from high velocity. It fires a very light bullet and is reliant on dsiprortionate to caliber wounding via velocity. A good number of .25-06 users end up with .257 Weatherby rifles as a way to enhance this further, whether they understand or have the words to describe these things or not. They simply see what they see and want more.

The .25-06 loses 35fps per inch so you stand to lose around 100fps. This may or may not be a big deal depending on how fast your loads are currently going. Some rifles are quite slow to begin with. Have a read of the .257 Roberts article to gain an understanding of mild velocity .25 performance.

Take note of what what Thomas said about meat in the barrel versus threading. This could be the reason why the smith wants to cut it back.

A major problem is that the .25 bore uses slow burning powder. Cutting the barrel back will cause high gas cutting at the suppressor. Will pay to throw the suppressor away after 1200 rounds. The DPT design would be good because you can take this apart, inspect it and discard any unburned powder. However, a more serious problem for the .25-06 is carbon build up in the barrel and chamber, lifting pressures. This can be quite dangerous if left unchecked. A shooter might think- hey this suppressor gives me really high velocities, not knowing that the carbon is making chamber dimensions smaller each shot. Again, this is can be quite dramatic in short barreled .25-06 rifles. Summer temps can make this even worse, locking up the bolt.

Your smith will quite possibly disagree. I really don't give a shit. These are things I have seen with my own eyes.
10 Oct 2016
@ 10:46 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: Supressor on 25-06
Hi Jeremy

I have two 25-06 Rifles and a 303-25. I really like the quarter bores.
So far I haven't had the problems Nathan has mentioned and hope I never do. If you have read any of my posts about my 25 06's, I am going to reduce my 75gr Varmint loads to avoid any mishaps. But my main hunting load with 117gr Prohunters seems be shooting real well. Both my 25 06's are suppressed and it reduces recoil to none and better for my hunting buddy/dog Tj. My Tikka has a 22" barrel and my P17 a 25" barrel. For shooting Goats and Pigs I haven't noticed a difference. The longer barrel seems to shoot 200 fps quicker than the shorter barrel. But the shorter one still shoots Book velocities and the longer barrel is just faster (I do need to confirm my chrony readings with drop calculations, when I get a chance). My shooting is mostly Goats and Pigs up to 300 yards, 400 yards would be a long shot. I haven't had my Tikka long enough yet to comment on the suppressor and carbon build up with the short barrel. No issues so far and I always clean my barrel thoroughly after every hunt/shooting session, whether I fire one or ten rounds. The 117 gr prohunters seem to do major internal damage when hitting bone etc front shoulder /neck shots. My Tikka
is a pleasure to shoot and unless I do get carbon build up problems later on, I don't see any issues in the shorter barrel. The longer barrel would be better for the longer shots velocity wise. Varmint rifle vs hunting rifle.
But I love my Tikka (so far).......
11 Oct 2016
@ 02:04 am (GMT)

Jeremy Tye

Re: Supressor on 25-06
Appreciate the gut instinct to leave as is seems the right thing to do. I am shooting some factory ammo but mostly handloads, 52g AR2209, with 100g projectile (flat base Hornady SST).

Gunsmiths comments....."If you want to keep it the length I’d go with the 9” 41mm, its 4” forward and 5” back unlike the 35mm which is 5” forward and 8.5” back however the 35mm will balance better.

Leaving the barrel as is at 24" I will end up with a 29" stick but as I am not a bush hunter that shouldn't be too inconvenient. Ben are you shooting with a bipod and how long is your longest barrel with the can attached?
11 Oct 2016
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Supressor on 25-06
sounds like you talking to good chaps at "Gunworks"
I went with the skinny can, but would have been better off with fatter one.....
11 Oct 2016
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: Supressor on 25-06
Hi Jeremy

Both of mine are from gun works.
Tikka has a 13.5" x 35mm Spartan suppressor.
P17 has a 9" x 41mm Spartan suppressor.
Tikka 22" barrel and suppressor 670mm.
P17 25" barrel and suppressor 745mm.

I had to go to a 41mm suppressor on the P17 as the 35mm one woud not fit over my heavy contour barrel.

I do use a bi-pod on the P17 as it weighs around 5kgs.
And I do use the same one on the Tikka, but the majority of my shots are off hand or sitting. I may as well save weight and take it off, but I do find the bi-pod handy when sitting the rifle down on the ground (keeps it off the dirt)
12 Oct 2016
@ 08:46 am (GMT)

Andy Stewart

Re: Supressor on 25-06
-Don't want a really long gun and it's only about the noise? carry the earplugs that sit on a band, they can sit around your neck when not in use.
-Don't want a long gun and it must have a suppressor? get another rifle in a suitable calibre for short barrel length.

Been foolin with the fast quarterbores of one sort or another for 30odd years and one thing remains constant, shorten the barrel and you will lose killing power fast. 24" is the MINIMUM barrel length if you run a 2506. With the right projectiles and barrel length and careful load development, the 2506 will kill decent Bull Tahr past 400yds decisively without trouble, with a short barrel I would think twice at 300. The velocity losses and gains in relation to barrel length in 2506 are greater than most realise.

Everyone has an opinion, mine is leave the barrel alone.


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