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wilson case trimmer

24 Dec 2012
@ 09:38 pm (GMT)

jason brown

just a note to someone thinking about buying a wilson case trimmer.
i brought one and it seems to trim just fine. but...
i also brought the vld inside chamfer tool that works with it. its good in theory but it actually cuts the chamfer off centre or un-even.
you can hold the case by hand, instead of with the bushing for your calibre and it works ok.
but it doesnt work using the case holder/bushing how its suppose to.
i wouldnt have bothered with the extra vld tool if i had known. after scratching my head why the chamfer was un-even i searched the web and it seems its a common or known fault. i would almost bet the neck reamer tool doesnt cut even also, but i havnt tried it.
i was attracted by the lathe like accuracy with all the attachments it comes with. (as extras)
im some what disapointed.


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