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Swift Scirocco II

09 Oct 2016
@ 03:57 pm (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Just picking your collective brains here, I have a 7-08 and when I started loading for it I bought a fairly wide selection of bullets to try, as working up a load can be time consuming and we all like to go out and hunt some of these bullets have been sitting untried on a shelf for a few years now. Having now discovered the work of Professor Foster I realise that some of the bullets I bought initially probably aren't worth the bother trying. One that I would like to try is the Swift Scirocco, it looks good on paper but I wonder if it's a little too tough for 7-08 velocities.
My rifle is a 9 twist and seems to prefer the heavier 150-160 weight bullets and the swifts fall into that category..
I have some of the 154gn SST's and some Speer 145gn btsp's too which Nathan does recommend, these are probably what I'll try next. I'm about to advertise the rest of my bullet collection to make way for some new ones (uk laws restrict the amount I can hold at any one time). So should I get rid of the Sciroccos?


09 Oct 2016
@ 04:35 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Swift Scirocco II
Just a comment as I know nothing about the bullet you asked about.

Has your rifle been a decently accurate one and are you seeking small group sizes in doing your reloading? What model and make is this rifle, has it been epoxy bedded, is the barrel free floated? What condition is the bore in? Has it been cleaned regularly after shooting?

I would suggest obtaining Nathan's books to help you as well as posting more specific info here. There is also a lot of caliber specific information in Nathan's Knowledgebase that discusses bullet choices for hunting.
09 Oct 2016
@ 05:44 pm (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Re: Swift Scirocco II
I want an accurate load obviously, but I have an accurate rifle, it shoots under an inch with every hand load I have tried with the exception of 100gn varmint bullets. It shoots .2moa with amax and about .35 with 150 Nosler bt's. I haven't bothered bedding it as its a nice accurate rifle and if it ain't broke.....

It's a Sako 75 with a 9 twist Lothar Walther match barrel, S&B zenith scope. It's always been well cleaned and the LW barrels are excellent.

I have all Nathan's books and have learned a fair bit from reading them, I just note he doesn't mention the scirocco for the 7-08 or 7x57 so I wondered if it was maybe not really suited to these velocities..
10 Oct 2016
@ 12:46 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Swift Scirocco II
Very nice rifle you have there. I have always been a big Sako fan. Sorry but I have never seen the Swift Scirocco II in any of our stores here.

I assume that you have searched with Google for

"reviews of Swift Scirocco II bullets"

I just did that and there was a lot of links to look at. Some were touting it very positively as a long range hunting bullet.
10 Oct 2016
@ 12:53 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Swift Scirocco II
No results searching this site for the one you are looking for but I found this links on this site for "Swift Scirocco" if this helps.

.30-06 Springfield
.300 Remington Ultra Magnum
.300 Winchester Magnum
.308 Winchester (7.62 NATO)
338 Winchester Magnum
.30 cal - Swift A-Frame
.243 Winchester
.280 Remington
7mm Shooting Times Westerner
7mm Remington Magnum
7mm Remington Magnum History When the Mauser brothers designed the 7x57 cartridge for use in their M93 military bolt action rifle, the excellent qualities inherent in the 7mm bore diameter soon became apparent to cartridge designers all over the world. Her
10 Oct 2016
@ 09:24 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Swift Scirocco II
Hi Tom, sorry for the late reply. I have been in the hills testing bullets, now playing catch up.

The Scirocco II is quite tough. The jacket is much thicker than others, hence why it is very long. Comments regarding the original Swift are the same for this bullet. The length and shape of the Scirocco can make it a bit finicky to work with. As for killing, in my experience, this bullet works well in the .280 and magnums. In the 7mm-08, you'll need to keep velocity high and ranges short. Would work well if you need a premium for close range work but it is not completely necessary for your local game and at typical 7mm-08 velocities. Much will depend on your hunting terrain and methods.

10 Oct 2016
@ 09:36 pm (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Re: Swift Scirocco II
Cheers Nathan, I'll just sell them on, I think I'll stick with the Speer btsp's and the amax.. for the hunting I do I want something that can perform at all sensible ranges, I found that the Nosler BT's can be quite explosive at short range.
12 Oct 2016
@ 04:15 am (GMT)

Peter Potroz

Re: Swift Scirocco II
Hi Tom
I have a 280AI and have been using the 150GN Scirocco II and have a group of .5 at 200 yards.
I have been shooting reds out to only 400 yards and they don't get up, take one step then fall over.
The in hole is finger size with a lot of broken bone and muscle damage with an exit hole which has three or four holes of fragments around pencil diameter all contained in a one half inch size exit wound.

They preform very well for what i do with them. the cost for these now are $155 Aus for 100 pills very expensive for what they do and the SST's 154gn also do a very good job only take a step and she's all over. Cleaner and neater exit.

Still doing load development with the 162GN AMAX but money for value I love the Hornady right price for the job done.

Nathan has done all the hard work in his books and the results I have been getting are very much as he has written.
If you would like to see photo's of the exit wounds, post your email and I will send them.


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