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Straight pull actions

21 Sep 2016
@ 09:39 am (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

Anyone have any views on straight pull actions? Like Browning Maral. My brother had an eye on these and I think Blaser do a straight pull but likely in another price bracket .
I like the look of the Maral except maybe something about the bolt shape.

Are these reliable? are they accurate enough?


21 Sep 2016
@ 09:50 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Straight pull actions
I think OzzieReviews has a video on youtube reviewing the straight pull actions.

He's pretty up and down with his reviews on shooting equipment/ammo/ gear.

Here's the link: Browning "Maral" 308WIN Rifle
23 Sep 2016
@ 04:18 pm (GMT)

Patrik Björklund

Re: Straight pull actions
When I am doing my part my Blaser does 3-shot groups between 0.25"-0.5" (100 m) with three different barrels (223, 8x57, 338 wm). Blaser is very popular here in Sweden because of it's high quality and because of legal restrictions (maximum 6 rifles).
23 Sep 2016
@ 09:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Straight pull actions
Just pays to remember that looks aren't everything. This is basically a manually operated semi. All very well with factory loads and FL sized ammo, but no camming power or engagement power for neck sized ammo. The bolt is also very noisy. The rifle utilizes a two piece stock which as we have learned over the years, is not ideal.

As for speed, well thats about experience. You still have to take your hand off the pistol grip to work this mechanism and you still need plenty of field experience to make good use of any system with regards to hunting accuracy.
24 Sep 2016
@ 11:20 pm (GMT)

Phil Van Zuylen

Re: Straight pull actions
Hi had a Mauser 96 straight pull in .308 for a couple of years,bought new for a bargain.Beautiful rifle shot well but very complicated turning hex bolt not suited for NZ condtions,ie sand down at Stewart Is made it very frustating to use had to clean every night.It looks like it had one action length mine had a block in it to shorten for 308 calibre never loased well in a hurry ,could only load 2 rounds in magazine.Gun shop owner sold one in .270 the guy who bought it had no feeding issues.Sold it and have had a Howa .308 for last 10 yrs problem free!
28 Sep 2016
@ 07:58 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Straight pull actions
hmm a fast handling very quick reliable bolt action rifle im pretty sure i have seen one of those before

the swedes done the 96 mauser that is quick bolt action but i think the brits perfected it with the p14.
i know they aren't straight pull but they have speed on there side.
others that are straight pull is the ross rifle, which i would love to have a play around with and the k31.

the merkel from memory has gears in it so for every inch you pull on handle the bolt moves 2 inches or something like that, i do wonder what extraction is like thou


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