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21 Sep 2016
@ 09:23 am (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

Is there one good versatile powder that the average person can get good results across a wide range of calibres??

It would seem that AR2206H is pretty versatile and for me it works across my calibres and by the reloading data tables it seems to deliver reasonable results in a lot of calibres. But one exception that I have is the .357 magnum where I source AR2205 as required

I know there is no one size fits all but I don't want to run 10 different powders if I can help it.

In another forum Nathan mentioned a few ADI powders but I don't think he mentioned this one. any reason?

New rules regarding dangerous goods transport are making it difficult to
source gun powder. In turn this seems to be pushing the price up. even the Aussie made ADI powders are getting dearer but I was told its not in short supply but just freight causing this.


21 Sep 2016
@ 06:22 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: powder??
hi Aussie
most of the guys here run 2206h in there 308's.
i would at a guess say 2209 is my most used powder

i have
trail boss

i think between those i have it covered well.
in nz from my understanding you can't ship powders from store to customers because of all the dangerous goods rules.

as for powder prices going up its demand and the monopoly effect.


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