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17 Dec 2012
@ 03:11 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

just finished reading the kb on the 7.62x54r and found it a good read.
its quite handy seinng i am looking at buying a couple mosin nagants for fun at the local gun club/range.
there is a cheap way to get optics on the 91/30 which i stumbled upon on youtube one night and i thought i might share.
it can be done at home but i think i'll get y local gunsmith to do this.
under the rear sight, there is a 3/8 inch / 10mm dove tail mount.
it requires the removal of 2 pins and the barrel heated to melt the silver solder so the sight can be slid off.
the only down side is that a long eye relief pistolero style scope is required since the scope would be mounted forward of the ejector port.
look up mosin nagants dirty secret on you tube and you'll see what i mean.


17 Dec 2012
@ 08:02 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7.62x54r
Hi Lyndon, I have seen many scout scope mounts for the Mosin rifles and in my original draft of the article, I had mentioned them. But since doing the original draft, I have learnt that many of the scout scope mount points and systems for the Mosin have over time, turned out to be weak resulting in a wandering zero after minor bumps or under recoil. Rather than wading through the problems and fixes, the simplest solution was to simply delete the paragraph I originally wrote.

So, tread carefully. DIY youtube clips sometimes lack follow up reports. If you want a follow up report, don't use the comments box on youtube, use the private messaging pane so that the video poster can talk privately and more openly with you.


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