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"The Practical Guide to Reloading" - Results Speak for Themselves

17 Sep 2016
@ 12:33 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

I feel I should apologize for posting so much lately. It's raining here in West Texas almost everyday and hunting season is still weeks away. I don't know how to deal with it.

I followed Nathan's book as close to the letter as I could with a 338-06 that I had built on a Remington 700 action. The patterns I saw were all one inch or less, and one in the group was closer to 0.5" which I have never shot before. VIHT N-150 Powder loaded to about 97% of max with 225 grain SST's were the combination. There were definitely better groups as I got closer to the lands but any of them would have worked for regular hunting. One of them would work for longer range shooting if I chose to go that route with softer bullets.

This book is simple, and based upon real experience. My success as a novice reloader in following this book step by step speaks volumes. It works.


17 Sep 2016
@ 08:17 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: "The Practical Guide to Reloading" - Results Speak for Themselves
Thanks for your kind words Lane. That really is so kind of you to say.

OK so from that, the load work for the 200gr should go smoothly. The seating die left set as is. The powder charge increased by 2 grains for 3 shots and 2.5 grains for 3 shots. You should hopefully be able to establish a light game load in 6 shots- hopefully.
19 Sep 2016
@ 03:36 am (GMT)

Trace Jacoby

Re: "The Practical Guide to Reloading" - Results Speak for Themselves
Same experience for me. Before the book, my first attempt at reloading yielded some very poor results. It was partly a bad choice of components and partly poor testing techniques. After I stumbled across this book (and the knowledge base) I was able to successfully work up some loads to book max for my 222 that was shooting a .74" group.

I only wish I would have gone ahead and bought the entire book bundle. Now when I get it (and I'm convinced I need it) I'll end up getting an extra copy of the reloading book. Oh well, I'm sure I'll come across someone who needs it down the road. Awesome book and website
19 Sep 2016
@ 08:05 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: "The Practical Guide to Reloading" - Results Speak for Themselves
Hi Lane

I have to agree. The reloading book as well as the rest of the set, gives me a really good base line. And if I ever start to run off track I re-read the parts I'm having trouble with. The main thing I have taken from the re-loading book is to change only one variable at time. I also keep the results in a folder for going back to later. And then, there are all the tips that can make big differences like " hold that fore wood" or hold the top of the scope when shooting with my bi-pod and suppressor.. Those little things I now do automatically when at the range or hunting. And I recommend his techniques to others I go shooting with.
Getting the basics right.


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