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Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?

17 Sep 2016
@ 12:00 pm (GMT)

Christopher Howse

I see some people use a Ruger No 1 for hunting. I/ve seen these but what is the attraction to using a single shot for hunting?


17 Sep 2016
@ 12:08 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?

My stepfather uses one a lot. They are easy to carry and shoulder. They can also be very accurate. I think that there is some nostalgia/historical significance in carrying them for some people due to the falling block action. My stepfather's is a 270 and he shoots it well. I think that he carries it mostly for deer, etc. and not so much for coyotes or other animals that may be shot when moving, etc.

There is a book out there called, "The Shooter's Bible Guide to the Hunting Rifle and It's Ammunition" that is fairly informative. The author of that book demonstrates the usefulness of a Ruger 1 in 300 Win. Mag. for a person who can only afford one rifle. He makes a compelling case.

I think that one has to carry not only the cartridge that is suitable to the task at hand, but also the rifle configuration that works for that task. I like bolt guns.

Have a good one!
17 Sep 2016
@ 02:32 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
I never owned the Ruger single shot, and do not know if the shoot really well or not other than reading what the magazine hypes said - but way back when they first came out, I got a new Browning 30/06 falling block type action with a bull barrel in single shot. The rifle was not reliable at all for accuracy having a short steel tang going out from the action beneath the barrel, that was the sole support for the forestock.

I tried everything I could think of to make it a reliable shooter. Epoxy bedded the forestock as well as the front end of the butt stock.... nothing worked unless I shot offhand or used a stick under the very rear end of the forestock.

It was a great looking piece but I got rid of it in favour of a great Pre-64 Winchester in 30/06 that, once bedded, shot tiny bug hole groups and did what a rifle was made for.
18 Sep 2016
@ 02:33 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
I also do not own a #1, but I do have a break action rifle. The most favourable advantage that I see is the fact that the rifle itself is shorter for any given barrel length. Without the length and weight of the action, the barrel can be made longer to retain or gain some velocity. This makes it considerably handier for bush work as it is quick to the shoulder and a little lighter.
18 Sep 2016
@ 09:44 pm (GMT)

Christopher Howse

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
Cool, I had not given much thought to the other single shots but its all interesting and I read some reviews on the net now.
Its just a point of interest as im not sure why people wanted to hunt with a single shot or what advantages there might be as I guess they might cost similar to a decent bolt repeater.
I just kinda like hunting rifles in general and am trying to build a small collection to suit my needs and be representative of a few nice models that are affordable to the average person.
19 Sep 2016
@ 07:04 pm (GMT)

mark korte

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
Hi Christopher -
I've owned two #1's - a .280 and a 7x57. I couldn't do much with the .280 but the 7x57 is an accurate rifle that is really light and easy to carry. It is an older one with wood that you just don't see much anymore on production guns. For me, the attraction is probably personal above anything else. Its a gorgeous, well balanced rifle that is more accurate than I am. Its a rifle that I just enjoy carrying around and handling just to look at. I have no doubt that most bolt guns are potentially more accurate, but part of all this is what you like and what trade offs you are willing to put up with. I shoot double shotguns for many of the same reasons.
22 Sep 2016
@ 05:01 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
I own two Ruger No. lA's. A 7x57 and a 6.5x55. The 7 mm has taken
an elk at 80 yards. The 6.5 mm has put down a deer the last three
years. Besides being effective killers, the are both easy to carry
because of their overall short length and perfect balance. The 7 mm has a Skinner
peep sight for shooting in heavy cover. The 6.5 sports a 1980
Zeiss 4-power scope. Both rifles have beautiful walnut standard
factory stocks. I like the restriction of one shot. It makes me
concentrate on making that shot perfect. I am not saying they
are for everybody. But for me they meet what I want in a rifle.
22 Sep 2016
@ 04:39 pm (GMT)

Richard Hurst

Re: Ruger No 1 whats the attraction?
Greetings from Utah, USA

I've been reading the discussions on this forum for about a year. This is only my second post.

I inherited an original Sharps 1878 Borchardt 45-70. Which I decided to start playing around with. I have read somewhere that the Ruger was designed after this rifle as it is the strongest early single shot action and was very popular in the early 1900's for varmint rifle and shutzen rifle builds.

Anyway, I found a weaver mount that I was able to use to fabricate a barrel mounted scope mount. To this I added a leatherwood 2-7x32 scout scope.

Since then I have tried many different bullet and powder combo's, all with cast bullets. First I tried a 420 gr. bullet from an RCBS mold. I tried it in conventional form and with Paper patch. I have tried a 350gr. Bullet from a lee mold which turned out to be to loose in the bore resulting in heavy leading. I am now powder coating these to provide a tight fit. I also played around with sabots designed for muzzle loaders.

Anyway, I have yet to come up with a load that will shoot under 2 inches at 50 yards. I have actually had a ball doing all this but am getting a little frustrated as I was hoping to try this gun on an Elk cow as I have drawn a tag for one this year.

The action is definitely very strong as I have been able to exceed Marlin leaver gun maximums. on some loads with no severe pressure signs. Many loads have had extreme spreads of less than 70 FPS with a couple below 40 FPS.

Anyone have experience with these guns or ones like them I'm open to suggestions

The comment about fore stock attachment has me wondering as mine is attached to the barrel. .


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