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Good news from the 'smith - P-14 is done

15 Sep 2016
@ 03:50 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Got an email just now from my 'smith. He's finished the barrell for the P-14. He's got it threaded and chambered, and honed out. I'll have to wait until I get it home to see what's happening with brass. There was an issue with the SAAMI chamber specs and what my dies made. He also throated it to suit the 208gr A-MAX, which equates to somewhere around 1/4" longer than normal, .240" if I remember correctly. Except for the fitting and bedding of the barrel and action into the Boyds stock, the wood is done. Stripped and stained, and multi coats of hard wax. Very similar in appearance to Ben's (which looks really nice Ben). For those who were keeping track, this was #5. And by the way, it turns out that #6 fell into my lap this summer. I got a 1869 Springfield 50-70 that may turn out to be a shooter. Fingers crossed.


15 Sep 2016
@ 05:40 am (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: Good news from the 'smith - P-14 is done
Sounds awesome Paul, can't wait to see some pics.
Is it .303 caliber or have you changed it?
I like the idea of the 208gr A-Max, I had better keep my P14 action Just in case I get that itch. Or the .303 Epps, here I go again.........
15 Sep 2016
@ 04:53 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Good news from the 'smith - P-14 is done
Not really sure what it should be called. It is definitely a .30 cal., and the reamer is for a .308 Norma Mag, but the RCBS dies don't quite match the SAAMI drawings or specs. For now I'll go with the Norma.
I hear you on the Epps. It seems once you start down this road, you just can't shake that monkey off your back. I still have a bunch of P-14 parts if you ever need any.
15 Sep 2016
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Good news from the 'smith - P-14 is done
great stuff Paul i know its been a long road.
interesting about the dies, i got redding dies but i haven't used them on fired cases yet.
you going to go a custom LEE collet or something else for neck sizing?

Ben if luck would have it i know a good bugger with a 35/303 reamer for that p14, you could really push the velocity to the max in a p14 and wouldn't need any magazine mods
15 Sep 2016
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Good news from the 'smith - P-14 is done
Hey Thomas - funny you should mention the Redding dies. I have a set for my 338, and being the basic magnum case, all I had to do was get the appropriate neck bushings for the 30 cal. Of course, the salesman at the sports store said oh no, that will never work. you need the whole die set. Apparently, he is on commission. They worked just fine, thank you very much. I will have to get a Lee crimp die though, as they are not calibre adjustable.


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