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interesting projectiles

09 Sep 2016
@ 06:24 am (GMT)


Interesting projectiles.
Just look unusual. Something different.


09 Sep 2016
@ 08:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: interesting projectiles
Will get to this when I get into the 9.3 bore. I do however believe that this may have been discontinued as a 9.3 offering so my notes may be moot. I think you may find that I also covered this in the 7x64 data.

They state- Renowned for penetration but then state ideal for young boar and Roe.

A more correct statement would be- a highly frangible bullet yet heavy for caliber and with enough weight to ensure adequate penetration on light to medium weight game.

In practice, it works very well. The BC is quite poor but it hits hard. Very interesting at magnum velocities but certainly not a great penetrator when driven extremely fast. You'll find that the Tig was designed to perform this way but that hunters then decided that the bullet was 'failing' even though it destroyed vitals with ease across the velocity spectrum including anemic hand load velocities. Instead, hunters wanted a bullet that could poke tiny holes through Roe so that they could spend the next two days tracking carcasses.

09 Sep 2016
@ 09:18 pm (GMT)


Re: interesting projectiles
Yeah didn't look that great. Just interesting/ different looking.
I'm happy to stick to an amax.
10 Sep 2016
@ 10:00 am (GMT)

Helmut Pleiter

Re: interesting projectiles
Well Jason, my fellow countrymen are somewhat obsessed with exit wounds. According to most German hunters a good bullet MUST produce an exit wound. And as you can see from the 'hunting report' in the add, for a shot animal to "move quietly off into the woods after a bit of wriggling" is considered a complete success.
I'm just glad that Nathan has beaten the last remnants of that kind of BS out off my dark soul. My standard reply to the exit wound issue nowadays is: "What do I need an exit wound for, if the animal I shoot with an A-Max or SST dies in the fire and stays on the spot were I shot it?"
12 Sep 2016
@ 02:58 am (GMT)

tom winstanley

Re: interesting projectiles
The Brenneke TIG (and the RWS ID Classic, which is the same projectile) do work very well, provided long range shots are not required, as the BC is low. As Nathan says, the very soft nose fragments and gets wiped away, but they are typically heavy-for-calibre (198gr in the 8mm I am familiar with). They also have a hard-lead rear core which holds together when bone is hit, so exit wounds are extremely likely. The Brenneke TUG (also sold as UNI Classic by RWS) has exactly the same principle, but the rear hard-lead portion is larger, so there is less fragmentation and greater penetration; this is offered in larger calibres.

Brenneke and RWS have many newer designs which I have never used. RWS loaded ammo, which I have never seen in NZ, operates very close to stated velocities (8x57JS ID Classic 12.8g/198gr @ 800m/s / 2,625fps). It must operate at substantial pressure to do so, so to mistakenly use above 8x57JS ammo in an 8x57J-bore rifle would not be a good look.

The Sellier & Bellot SPCE, commonly available in NZ as loaded ammo, looks similar to the TIG from the nose design, but is in fact a one-piece core, with no retention mechanism for the core such as Hornady’s Interlock, or similar. This is doubtless why it can separate and shed the jacket on hitting heavy bone, as Nathan reported in the Knowledge Base. S&B’s velocity claims, though lower (8x57JS SPCE 12.7g/196gr @ 790m/s / 2,591fps) are perhaps overstated, too, though I have never chrono’d these. Brenneke seem to have recently introduced a cheaper BASIC model, which seems directly comparable to the SPCE – perhaps they were being undercut?

As well as being good for closer range work, these designs have a very long bearing surface which means they will often shoot very well in worn bores such as old military rifles, when other designs can shoot patterns not groups.


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