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Re: Light .270 loads - Which projectile?

08 Sep 2016
@ 05:06 pm (GMT)

Paul Yates

Hi Paul:

An old general rule of thumb is a sectional density of .260 for moose.

This means using a 140 gr. shell which has a sectional density of .261.

New technology in bullet construction has reduced the importance of this number.

I would consider 130 gr copper bullets. You will keep velocity over 2600 fps for your range, and energy over 2100 ft-lbs/sec. Great penetration.

Just as suggestion.


Hi Vick,

Does that rule of thumb include projectiles with a higher SD than .260, or is there a specific reason to try to zero in on the .260 SD? The projectiles I have chosen for the moose loads are 150 grains and have a SD of 0.279. They are definitely on the stout end of the spectrum and are known (by most accounts) to be great penetrators.

I might as well spill the beans (at the risk of Nathan thinking I am crazy) and tell you all that I have chosen the 150gn Speer Grand Slam as the moose round. I know Nathan had a bad experience with these projectiles and has henceforth not used them, but nearly every other account of them was positive so I have made the bold assumption that Nathan had a bad batch of projectiles. Nearly every other suggestion in this excellent thread would do just as well (perhaps even better), but the Grand Slams were on the shelf at my local retailer for a price that I found reasonable so I "bit the bullet" and grabbed a box.

I considered going with coppers, but I am just not convinced yet that they kill twice as well as traditional projectiles. I hate spending twice as much for something if I am not getting twice the value. I have used them in factory rounds in the past and they worked, but that's all I can say about them - which is the same thing I can say about basically every projectile I have tried so far.

I've been reading more and more about the Berger "VLD Hunting" and "Classic Hunter" projectiles recently and I think I tend to side with their approach to killing vs. the super-stout coppers. In hindsight, I might have been better off buying a box of 140gr Classic Hunters for the moose rounds.


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