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Re: Brian's Bullet Selection

06 Sep 2016
@ 09:09 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Yes quite true, you could go with Corelokt ammo. It is rather slow but the rifles and ammo are made to suit each other and it does perform well on game out to moderate ranges. The Win Power point bullet is somewhat softer. To others who know the A-Max; while the form is different, the two are much the same but with the obvious differences in BC's.

The pine rod sounds just ideal for this.

Bit of an odd thread as I have taken this around in a circle sorry. My fault for neglecting to think about your .308 rifle at the beginning and its potential limitations. I answered your questions relative to a potent load but then with the realization of barrel assembly and trigger, there was/is a possibility of having to focus on mild loads and therefore accuracy over power. One might say that this should be the case anyway, but it certainly is nice to have both because mistakes can happen and shot angles can at times be difficult. In any case, the rifle will tell us what it likes and dislikes.


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