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Re: Thoughts/Opinions Howa 20" Heavy Barrel for Hunting/Carrying

29 Aug 2016
@ 08:59 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Gordo, it's the thumbhole Boyds stock. I was a bit dubious about the whole thumbhole thingy, but I really like it. Fits and handles beautifully. The cut out for the action REALLY NEEDS BEDDING.

Will try to keep you updated on the breakin and accuracy. We got this setup recommended by others on this forum who have had great results with them.
We had this discussion here:

On the velocity thing, my rifle shoots the [email protected], with a 7mm08 shooting a 140 through a 22" at about 2800 - 2850 (from the KB), I don't feel so disadvantaged. The main reason I didn't get a 7mm08 was projectile choice and availability, not to mention factory ammo availability here in Aus. It just hasn't taken off here like it has in NZ. An interesting article on barrel length in the 308:


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