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Lithgow LA102 centrefire

29 Aug 2016
@ 12:12 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Looks like there is a new Aussie kid on the block and it seems to do the business. The reviewer demonstrates hitting steel at 600, 800 and 1000 yards with factory ammo. It looks well made. I have also included a link to the user manual, on page 25 it shows an exploded plan of all the different parts. Looks like the recoil lug is a bolt on job... Trigger is adjustable for weight and sear engagement down to about 1.6lb. Barrel is hammer forged on the same equipment used to manufacture the F88 AusSteyr barrel.


29 Aug 2016
@ 04:39 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
Interesting construction. Rear recoil lug and lock bushing. Would like to pull one apart just to see the fit and finish.
29 Aug 2016
@ 07:52 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
very interesting mike.

i find the lock bushing no 7 on page 25 very interesting, first time i have seen this its obviously to safe machining time but hey if it works it works, we might see more of this in future.

at first glance i thought it used tikka magazines but it doesn't i wonder what c.o.a.l is of them looks like you might be able to sneak a little more out of the back of it maybe.

interesting recoil lug design both on the rifle plus the lug that bolts into the stock, i wonder if ones alloy to dampen vibration?

trigger looks right on the money which is good to see.

watching that link he talks about a cerakote so are they all stainless and you want more of a blued a look they do it in cerakote.
10 Feb 2017
@ 07:58 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
Turns out the recoil lug is a Tikka style plate.
20 Mar 2017
@ 09:54 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
Has anyone used/owns one of these? [b]
06 Apr 2017
@ 04:59 pm (GMT)

Andy Hrelja

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
I haven't used one...yet :) Just picked one up in 308 today (and one in 17hmr as well for bunnies etc) and hoping to have some time this weekend to stabilise the stock (it's a poly stock and does have a bit of movement in the fore end) and follow Nathan's recommendations for polishing bit and the such like to get it ready to take to te range next week. Looking at it I don't think it's going to take much work. The finish is superb all round on both rifles. Once I get the scope sorted (still trying to decide) and see how it all performs, then I'll decide whether to do a full bedding job or not.

I'll post some updates here when I'm done.
11 May 2017
@ 12:12 pm (GMT)

Andy Hrelja

Re: Lithgow LA102 centrefire
Hi all, just thought I'd post an update since I have finally managed to get out to
the range (and field with the 17HMR) and put a few rounds through these two. First of, at the range it was only a 50m indoor range and just for a "rough" sighting in. First, the 17HMR (which I know isn't really the kind of rifle we talk about here). One word - laser. 50m, 20 rounds into a hole the size of a 10c piece. Took it out spotlighting one (perfectly still) night and nothing got away from it (bunnies and foxes).

The 308 I'm really looking forward to stretching it's legs. Sighted in at 50m, took 5 rounds to get it 1" high at 50m and shooting clover leave shaped (and sized) holes.

By the way, I ended up putting Optisan scopes on both. 4-16x44i on 17 and 6-24x56i. I know these haven't been mentioned here (forum) but I was super impressed with the quality and features with a fantastic price. For my eyes they beat a lot of much more expensive, more well known, scopes. In some cases by a long way. And at 50m at least, the clicks are accurate on the turrets. Just my opinion / experience :)


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