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50 meter sight in

28 Nov 2012
@ 04:09 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

i'm heading back out to the range next weekend to finish sighting in my howa 308.
the problem is, that the range isnt quite 100 meters long.
i was thinking about using a 50 meter zero, but without a ballistics calculator its a bit hard to say how high it will shoot at 100 meters and where the bullet path will drop back below barrel center line.
my rough guess would be 1 .5 inches high at 100 and back to barrel center line at around 150-160 meter mark .
if anyone has any ideas regarding this, it would be a great help.
i use federal 150 grain soft point ammunition by the way.


28 Nov 2012
@ 03:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 50 meter sight in
Hi Lyndon, what is the actual distance of your range? If it is not quite 100 meters, it may be 100 yards? (91 meters).

If you can get the rifle printing 3" high at "around" 100 yards, this will see you right out to about 275 yards without having too hold to high or too low.

Federal soft point has a very poor BC so be careful about sighting in 1.5" high as you may find that if you have to shoot ridge to ridge, bullet drop may be down around 8" low at 270 yards etc.

Columns below left to right are Range, Bullet path in inches. I have used a more realistic muzzle velocity of 2770fps rather than the advertised velocity. Note, this also give you a 50 yard setting- BUT NOT A 50 METER SETTING.

0 -1.6
25 0.02
50 1.34
75 2.34
100 3.01
125 3.33
150 3.27
175 2.82
200 1.96
225 0.65
250 -1.12
275 -3.4
300 -6.2
325 -9.57
350 -13.53
375 -18.13
400 -23.41
29 Nov 2012
@ 12:49 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: 50 meter sight in
thanks for that nathan.
the local range is 95 meters from the bench rest.
so its near enough to 100 yards for all intents and purposes.
also , is there a way to internet you some money as i am very interested in your book and dont run a pay pal account or credit card.
02 Dec 2012
@ 06:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 50 meter sight in
Hi Lyndon, I can do paper back orders in NZ via email, supplying bank details etc.
18 Dec 2012
@ 04:22 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: 50 meter sight in
thanks for that chart nathan.
i started at 1.5 inch high at 50 yards and after a couple adjustments could cover 3 shots with the end of my thumb.
then moved to 100 yards at just over 3 inches high and a little over moa 3 shot groups, maybe 1.25 moa.
thats sitting using a crude forend rest and the factory 3.5 lb trigger. i'm sure i could go tighter shooting prone and with a little more work on breathing, sling use,forend grip, trigger control and lighter trigger.
these are all things i do plan on working on at the range over the next month before my first red deer stalk in late january .
cheers again nathan.
i do plan on buying your book once xmas is past and finances allow.
merry xmas



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