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knowledge base up dates???

09 Aug 2016
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

ok we all know the "boss man" is really busy and Steph will have long list of jobs for him to do LOL
just re read the KB on the 7.62x39mm and feel I should point something out.
my set of x39mm dies (lee)came with 2 expanders one set for .308 and one for .311
so therefore when using the .308 one neck tension isn't an issue as is suggested in the text of KB
the only issue we have struck is cracked necks...probably due to work hardening ,think we getting about 6 loads from cases before issues,when split noticed it gets a Trail boss charge and cast projectile load then chucked out.
I relented and bought a box of hornady steel cased SSTs to try out and see how she shoots/if it groups better than my .308 125grn ballistic tip loads
just need to find time to shoot some paper.


09 Aug 2016
@ 01:44 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: knowledge base up dates???
You might want to look into annealing those case necks with no cracks in them prior to doing any more loading. I have annealed case necks every 3 or 4 rounds fired and have some Norma cases on their 10th cycle...perhaps their last... which is not bad.

People I know who use Lapua brass and a regular annealing process get a lot more shot fired per brass than I do so far. No idea how heavy their loads were nor if they were neck sizing and every so often using a shoulder bump die to move the shoulder back a wee bit.
09 Aug 2016
@ 09:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: knowledge base up dates???
Ok, I'll make a note of it. I have a lot of updates I want to do. Also need to get the .223 updated as a lot has changed over the last few years.

But for now, the next articles are the .358 Win and an Co-authored article on the .300 Blackout. This is an odd article, not the nicest subject matter as this one is focused on combat. I try to refrain from this but this particular subject keeps coming up.

10 Aug 2016
@ 06:19 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: knowledge base up dates???
Good on you do a plurry great job....the up coming black out will be of interest....purely to compare to the x39mm.


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