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Re: Light .270 loads - Which projectile?

08 Jul 2016
@ 06:52 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

You are right about the 150 gr .270 being fine for moose. They are not hard to take down given good shot placement and penetration is optimal. That was the main reason I mentioned the Nosler Accubond as they do the job well. I also think the Nosler Partitions or the Speer Hotcor bullet, all would do well.

Practice loads could be light weight bullets that shoot well in your rifle, and I do like the idea of adding a tiny bit of weight - but that being said, you mentioned the butt stock being hollow. Perhaps have a gunsmith install one of the anti-recoil mercury tubes securly in the butt stock, and fill in the rest of the area with some sort of foam fill and add a Limbsaver or similar recoil pad. You could also have a muzzle brake installed, however they are a beast to tolerate at the gun range as the blast and noise going sideways might give your neighbouring shooters the shakes. You can still do so by having the muzzle threaded and at the range shooting light practice loads just thread on a cover for the treads there and during hunting, take it off and screw on your muzzle brake. This three options will make the rifle alot comfortable to shoot.


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