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Shooting sticks

05 Jul 2016
@ 07:17 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Ok so I've just had a falling out with my deer stalker here in the uk.
It's all to do with shooting off of sticks.
I'm trying to go by Nathan's book and have been getting some very good results on paper as well as on rocks and rabbits.
With the crops high at the moment you can't use a pack, also ticks are a bit of a problem.
So I turn up we start stalking, we see a nice muntjac Buck I set up go to take the shot and he stops me and tells me not to hold the forend just the sticks....
Now I did as he asked good shot.
But I'm not happy.
Dose anyone have any other ideas on hold. Here's how I'm doing it.
I'm right handed holding the forend with left and curling my left for finger around sticks to hold them in place. It works a treat.
Im now looking for a new stalker.
I can post some photos if that would be of help.


06 Jul 2016
@ 01:20 am (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Shooting sticks
just do it how you feel is best for the shot,
I personally hold the fore end when shooting off sticks over high grass as well as use the sling if I have the time especially if the rifle kicks,
I would say I definitely shoot better this way

regards mark
06 Jul 2016
@ 05:52 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Shooting sticks
Yes I did forget to mention that I add a half rap to the sling.
My technique is getting a lot better as well as my set up time is also getting a bit faster.
Just a bit of a sod that this guy has good stalking.
Well time to see some new country!
Had some interesting comments at the range as well when shooting over a pack?
06 Jul 2016
@ 08:30 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Shooting sticks
Francis. The proof is in the pudding! As long as the bullet holes are touching and inside of the bullseye from using good technique they all will have to up their game to be as good as you. Keep at it mate. We'll done. If the cap fits, let them wear it?
07 Jul 2016
@ 10:47 am (GMT)

Robert Adamson

Re: Shooting sticks
Hello to a fellow UK hunter, personally the "stalker" sounds like a right know it all.
You should always hold the gun in the way you feel most comfortable and the way you shoot at your best.
I'm out stalking twice a week at the moment and as you say the cover and crops are high so using sticks is the only option, I always hold the fore end just behind the front V, ( I'm using double sticks) holding the rifle nice and firm into the shoulder.
Good hunting,
07 Jul 2016
@ 08:19 pm (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Shooting sticks
Cheers Rob
07 Jul 2016
@ 10:04 pm (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Re: Shooting sticks
I find that with sticks you can hold the sticks and the forend. Forend between forefinger index finger and thumb, and sticks between remaining fingers and palm. That said, do what you're comfortable with. If you practice off sticks try both ways and see what works best. Then when someone asks you to do things differently you can say with confidence that your way works better for you.
07 Jul 2016
@ 10:11 pm (GMT)

Paul Yates

Re: Shooting sticks
I set up with sticks like Robert describes, and if anyone ever told me it was wrong, I'd be inclined to tell them where to shove their own sticks. As long as you are consistently hitting your target (or animal), who's to say it's wrong?
08 Jul 2016
@ 07:26 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Shooting sticks
Paul I was going to but hard to get into that sort of discussion when there's a buck standing 80 odd feet away.....I don't think he would have ung around for the show.
09 Jul 2016
@ 01:04 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Shooting sticks
hi Francis
as warwick has said the proofs in the pudding.
try few different ways next time your at the range just for piece of mind but you'll find the way your doing it is the best it just mean you have the confidence not to worry or have to listen to other people.

for us that not familiar with the term stalker, is this what a guide for deer stalking is known as in the UK?

28 Aug 2016
@ 08:37 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Shooting sticks
Yes stalker is the guide for deer.
Good news is I've got me a new spot. So I'm happy as I can go now by myself and take what I want if it's in season
Just need to put half in there fridge butchered labeled and rapped, which I'd do anyway so I'm happy again.


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