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Boyds Classic stock

23 Nov 2012
@ 03:53 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

Hi all,

Has anyone had much experience with the Boyds stocks? Looking at one for my Rem 700 .308. The thumbhole version looks a bit cumbersome for dragging around the hills so though the classic design would be ok (with bedding of course).

I appreciate they are pretty weighty but figure would be pretty rigid and stable?




24 Nov 2012
@ 03:32 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Boyds Classic stock
Hope you get some feedback. I,m thinking of buying one for my 243. My cousin has the thumb hole stock for his 7 mag which works great, but I'm not a fan of that style.
25 Nov 2012
@ 03:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Boyds Classic stock
Hi Matt, I went over this in the new book.

I use Boyds regularly for custom builds, clients will often buy the Boyds which suits limited budgets.

The Boyds are good stable stocks, work very after bedding as per usual. The only downside of the Boyds is the slippery forend. If it slips from your forehand under recoil, accuracy is lost.

Good shooting technique often adequate depending on recoil level.
Adhesive grip tape (as used on stairwells) at forend
Remove finish and re-apply teak oil (less slippery finish).
Sniper tape and paint (my old trick).
Paint stock with wrinkle finish.

Good stocks Matt but I know you are wanting extreme accuracy so you will want to have everything covered. By roughing up the Boyds forend, you will be able to eliminate small fliers.

The vented forend Boyds stocks offer enough texture at the vents for good control.

25 Nov 2012
@ 11:06 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

Re: Boyds Classic stock
Thanks Nathan,

Adding some grip to the forend should be no hassle. Will be sure to hit you up for some bedding compound when I'm ready.


26 Nov 2012
@ 05:31 am (GMT)

Barry Thorburn

Re: Boyds Classic stock
Hi Matt,
I have a boyds thumbhole feather weight for a howa short action it is 1200 grams not to heavy. they are a bargin. they have a crap recoil pad on them but a recoil pad for a 1300 winchester shotgun is a very close fit with minimal fitting needed. This is my first post ,a great site with good info.
cheers Baz
02 Dec 2012
@ 03:33 am (GMT)


Re: Boyds Classic stock
I have two for my Ruger 77 Mk. IIs and they are good, strong stocks. The only think I dislike about them is that they are a little heavy, but that's the nature of laminate stocks.


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