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Swift Scirocco seating depth

25 Jun 2016
@ 12:47 am (GMT)

Charlie Willcox


Anybody recommend a starting seating depth for the Swift Scirocco projectiles? I will be loading trial 62gr .224" projectiles in my 22-243 WIN. I have heard these can be fiddly to get shooting well but are worth the effort. I'm using 2206H and will aim to get approx. 3700-3750fps velocity. I think that will be adequate for Fallow and Chamois.

Any help most appreciated.




25 Jun 2016
@ 02:33 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Swift Scirocco seating depth
Hi Charlie, if you can start close without having the bullet hanging halfway out of the neck, then do so. Better to start close and then have to back off than go the other way (seat closer and closer) and have the worry about increased pressures.

Possibly start at .2mm / 10 thou and work up loads. Once you are done with the initial, then if you have to you can back off to the following:

.5mm / 20 thou.
1mm / 40 thou.
1.5mm / 80 thou.

Yes, this can be a finicky bullet. I believe forum member Chris Murphy would prefer to pick a mid point load and get straight to experimenting with seating depth. This is one situation where I can see great merit in this. But I also assume that you need a full load work up and may not have any book data, only anecdotal data.

25 Jun 2016
@ 06:36 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Swift Scirocco seating depth
I used the 55 grn nosler bt in the one I set up I started two grn lower than 243 data and worked up and used n150 because the guy had a kg of it I set at .2 of lands. I got best load at 43.5grn at 3853fps. Just be careful with case neck thickness and reamer dimension I got cought out using Norma 243 brass the neck was pinching projectiles and giving massive pressure spikes. A fired case was tighter on the pill than a sized brass.
25 Jun 2016
@ 06:40 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Swift Scirocco seating depth
Should note .2 was base of pill at base of neck


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