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tikka 595/695 stocks

20 Nov 2012
@ 08:59 pm (GMT)

john reid

Nathan, from your experience, what comment do you have about tikka 695 stocks as a stable platform for an accurate rifle, particularly the non-wood type (which seem to be more common)? Are there any particular things that need to be done to make these stocks, wood and non-wood more suitable?


21 Nov 2012
@ 03:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: tikka 595/695 stocks
Hi John, the wood stocks were the most common. Plastic came along towards the end of the M595/695 series prior to the introduction of the T3.

Rifles with wood stocks are now at an age where some of the stocks are splitting, suffering wood fiber damage etc. It depends on how the rifle was used, but I am seeing deterioration in older stocks, all to be expected with rifles that are used in NZ conditions. These stocks can be rectified with appropriate bedding, then sealing in teak oil.

The plastic stocks are OK, these can suffer compression problems over time. I would say a good majority of M series stocks are now suffering compression issues but will not suffer the same problems as the T3 as these gradually compress over time. The M series has a different recoil lug which does not have the same problems as the T3 lug with over compression (action screws too tight). The M series plastic stock derives great benefit from bedding and stabilizing. Over compressed T3 plastic (and wood stocks) need pillar bedding.

Bedding the M series Tikka is not to be taken lightly. I have seen some real dog doo jobs from professionals over the years. The M series Tikka has critical factors (lug alignment) which need attending to, the job can either be done right or completely wrong, there is no middle ground. I have gone over this, with pictures, in the new book.



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