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Mods and chronnies...

22 Jun 2016
@ 10:28 am (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Where I test my loads the ground drops away from my shooting position so positioning the chrony away from the rifle is a pita. As my rifles are have moderators / supressors I test with these on to mimic field conditions. I wondered if there was any need to position the chrony so far away when shooting thru a supressor, since it ought to 'catch' any debris and flash? I was thinking of conducting a test to see but then I thought maybe someone else has tried this... I get little enough time behind the gun as it is so if anyone knows whether is possible to get accurate readings from a closely placed chrony with a moderator please let me know it will save me some valuable shooting time..


23 Jun 2016
@ 11:18 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Mods and chronnies...
Set it up and try it. Secure chronie to bench . Make sure you're not going to wack it with a bullet and pull the trigger. I'm guessing that the bullet will leave the barrel before the suppressor let's the gasses escape as it's designed to slow the gasses and provide a sealed space for them to expand and slow down before quietly hushing out the end into the atmosphere. Think about what is physically happening during the ignition, powder burn, pressure increase, bullet being pushed into rifling and twisting through the barrel out of the crown through the suppressor baffling onto the target with the expanding gasses following. Tell us what you find?
24 Jun 2016
@ 02:06 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Mods and chronnies...
Hi Tom
When you mean so far away or put it close to muzzle roughly what distance we talking?
I would start at manual distance and slowly move closer but I would probably still keep it few metres from muzzle.
I got one that plugs into smart phone so I plug it into phone on shooting bench then run it out til cables almost tight and that's job done.
24 Jun 2016
@ 02:28 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Mods and chronnies...
I was at the gun range here last week, and a fellow next to me had a Shooting Chrony Gamma model. The winds were bad and he had moved it to within one meter from his rifle muzzle and claimed it had made no difference.

I have never done that so have no idea whether he might have been wrong or not. That said, the things seem a bit fussy, but more in relation to the distance and proper alignment between the screens and target when I set it out at 9 meters.

His problem would disappear with one of the V3 Magnetospeed chronographs.


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