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Pressure signs

14 Nov 2012
@ 06:42 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

I ended up continuing with the 168 Amax in my Rem 700 .308 as i have a few on hand. I wanted to do some final tweaking on the load now that I am neck sizing only and brass has been once fired (Win).

Using AR2208 (varget), I worked up to 46.2gns @ 2.800 OAL. This load is 0.2gns over max, but produced the best accuracy, 0.3moa at 100yards.

On inspection of primers, one of three showed some flattening (Fed 210). No other signs of pressure were evident.

Am I safe (or wise) to run with this load, as it´s obviously getting up there pressure wise?

Also, in virgin FLS brass, would the pressure increase more so with this load?




14 Nov 2012
@ 07:58 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Pressure signs
Hi Matt, it would be very unusual for an M700 .308 to reach max with 2208/Varget at .2 of a grain over max using Win brass. Please keep shooting the load for a while. I would suggest that for now, you only use a limited amount of cases so that you have an opportunity to reload them several times and observe the case heads to see whether the primer pockets open up. My guess is that they wont. Also, look for shiny scuff marks on the case head (from the plunger). If you see scuffing, the rifle is at or near max. In this instance, case life will be limited to 2-3 reloads.
14 Nov 2012
@ 09:05 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

Re: Pressure signs
Thanks Nathan. I am keen to run it over the chrono to see what it is doing velocity wise at some stage. As I said, accuracy was good so if it is consistent I will be happy with it.

On the fired brass I am getting very little powder compression, but a decent amount on the virgin brass. I assume the 700´s are fairly liberal in the chamber department.

From what I could see, no scuff or ejector marks. Just one flattened primer, evident as a small lip when removed.

Will post back when have chrono results.

Cheers, Matt


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