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Re: .30-06 bullet weight and barrel length

11 Jun 2016
@ 02:31 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

There comes a point in some debates where you just have to let people be wrong? I recall an event where a Helicopter was being used to drag a 110 meter length of fire hose to replace the broken town water supply pipe as the Bridge had been washed away in a cyclone. The gap was 110 meters wide. Two Firemen in the brigade commented to the officers in charge that the hose wouldn't be long enough and where told to mind their own business. they wouldn't and stated that it wont work the hose is too short! The reply was to [email protected]#k off ...... What ensued was a tremendously frightful display of a Bell Jet ranger helicopter trying to stretch a too short a length of hose across the gap of the broken bridge ends. With the Choppers nose pointing to the ground and the rotor blades 5 foot off the bridge decks and missing the steel side rails by much less! Beating up a cloud of silt n stones around the machine, Finally the Chopper pilot released the tether and flew off between the trees and lamp posts? It was a Fail through swollen egos and People believing what they wanted too believe? And the chain of command being that you shut up and do what we the leader in charge says say!!!
Having to think requires energy! Modern people don't want to have to think. So they see something cool they want and follow the crowd or latest youtoob trend! Read in a Gunzine or see in a movie....... I'm afraid that this pattern of learned behavior is the first signs of our glorious and pathetically stupid attempt at over informed under thought out self Extinction.
The good thing in this is that these Chopped up rifles will make for cheap actions for informed folk like yourself to build up a fine and accurate food collection tool. Some shops probably make good money from these rifles buying them back fitting a new factory length barrel then talking the new purchaser into some Modification's
Ewan maybe Had you explained in your first post the circumstances behind how and what condition the 30-06 was in this thread would have gone in a different direction? It has provided a good topic and open discussion about options and the results from cutting down barrel length and is no different than the Boy racer Motorcycle chaser swapping and changing the exhaust system on their car/Bike to make it "Sound faster" and "look louder"? It seamed like a good idea at the time Officer.
Speaking of shortened Barrels.....
I saw a sawn off Shotgun( Not much longer than a large Mutton Shank) with barrels so short that you could see the crimps in the ends of the shells...... The Robber with a knife went white when my mate pulled it out from under the tellers counter pointed it at him and politely suggested that he and his knife could Bugger off? The ''Mutton Shank'' is at the bottom of the river that the above mentioned broken bridge used to span. God I miss the 80's.
Euan You could always fit a new factory 30-06 barrel or make a nice 35 Whelen with your Marlin ???


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