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Re: .30-06 bullet weight and barrel length

09 Jun 2016
@ 02:57 am (GMT)

Euan Simpson

Thanks again for the thoughtful advice - particularly Nathan for sharing his experience freely.
I agree with most of what was said about people liking to 'mod' their guns for fun rather than to address any real problems. I have been as guilty of that as anyone.
But this is a rifle that cost me $100. It came with a cracked stock, spray painted barrel and action, and rust. With the cost of the bedding kit and threading the whole thing owes me less than $300. It wears a 20 yr old 4 power scope in 20yr old rings. Safe to say it's not a vanity project, and it's not worth selling.
Would a 20" .308 have any advantage at all over a 20" .30-06?

I've cleaned it up and it shoots one-ish inch groups with factory ammo.
I suppressed it to save my hearing, which I rely on. I've never shot an animal from prone so I like my rifle to shoulder and 'point' quickly I suppose, which is what started me feeling it's too long. I might leave it alone for a while as suggested. I might chop it to 20" and take a baffle out of the suppressor.
I'll let you know, and thanks again for the input.


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