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35 Sambar (358WSM)

08 Jun 2016
@ 08:50 pm (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

So after the 35 Whelen AI, the 358 Norma mag, and the 35-303 we have now added the 35 Sambar to the stable.
The donor rifle is a Rem 700 originally in 270WSM.
The 225 grain Game kings fit into the standard Mag box at COAL of 72.3mm (2.846")
Its wearing a 22" barrel with the same 1-12 358 barrel we have used for the others.
I used Winchester 300WSM brass and necked it up.
I have not quite finished a load development yet but getting close....
The hootest load I put through it was 66.5 grains of 2206H and this started to mark the ejector hole on the brass so we wont be going there again.
Last tried 65.5 grains which gave 2830fps, and I put 5 bullets through one 16mm ragged hole at 100 yards so good enough.... but I will drop the load a bit more to around 2800fps as my velocity was spiking a bit.... I get the feeling I'm right on the edge of a pressure spike at 65.5 grains..... so as long as its still accurate at 65 grains thats where i hope to leave it.
I have suppressed this one as it I am hoping my girls might like to try it when they are home (thats my excuse Nathan and I'm sticking to it!!! Lol)


08 Jun 2016
@ 09:02 pm (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
This Rifle will be for sale after a little more testing, so let me know if your interested....
Its still in the factory plastic stock which seems to work well.
I replaced the factory X mark pro (5lb) trigger with a Trigger tech which sets easily down to 1lb7oz.... currently I have it at 2lb4oz.
Suppressor is a DPT modular Duralium Magnum version.
Muzzle diameter is around .750" diameter.
Whole rifle with Sightron scope weighs 4.4kg
A quick calculation shows this projectile would still have a 1000 f/lbs of energy at 650 yards.
09 Jun 2016
@ 02:39 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Very impressive Grant. have you bedded the stock and filled the barrel channel on that yet? That is surprising accuracy.
09 Jun 2016
@ 08:31 pm (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Hi Bryan

All I have done to the stock is open the barrel channel to free float the bigger barrel.... just a plain ole plastic factory stock.
I did however accurise the action.
09 Jun 2016
@ 08:49 pm (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Its fair to say if I was going to go to the trouble of strengthening the stock and bedding it I would exchange it for a carbon fiber stock.
10 Jun 2016
@ 01:32 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Its fair to say if I was going to go to the trouble of strengthening the stock and bedding it I would exchange it for a carbon fiber stock.

And it is more than fair to say it would be a fantastic grizzly bear and moose rifle! For NZ hunters it would be good for areas I have seen there as well t put down animals where they stand with certainty..

I really like the idea of a carbon fiber stock as well. Have you a brand in mind for this?
13 Jun 2016
@ 11:51 pm (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Hi Bryan.
We have a good few people making carbon stocks in NZ now.... but I have a friend in Rotorua NZ who is making some exceptional stocks now.
17 Jun 2016
@ 12:53 am (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Well thats that job signed off.....
65 grains of 2206H with the 225 Sierra Game Kings at 2830fps gave half moa....

upload gif
20 Jun 2016
@ 10:17 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Hello Grant;

It´s nice to have some first hand data about the sambar. I was seriously thinking about that wildcat.

I was trying to build a good rifle to bloodtrack wounded animals... something like 357 mag or even better 44 mag would be perfect. I´m using an old ruger 44 mag deerstalker carbine for that. But it´s difficult to spend a lot of money on a rifle that is perfect for very close range, but lack habylities at longer distances. Driven hunts are common in Spain, and after that hunts, tracking wounded animals is usual. So... what about a rifle that could be perfectly used for the driven hunt and then for tracking? That´s my idea:

35 sambar (or even 358win). You can run it in a short action, with a relatively short barrel, making a nice rifle to handle in the woods. With that 225 sierras at 2800, there´s no chance for a wildboar or red to survive! If you have to track... you can use 357 pistol bullets loaded with trail boss (we can´t get it here, but can get Vihtavuori Tin Star, wich is more or less the same cowboy action powder).

I want to mention here the excellent article about the 357 mag that Nathan upload to the KB a few days ago. I have found it very usefoul for this idea.

I will really appreciate if you can run some pistol bullets with your sambar an trail boss... to have an idea about potential velocity. If you can also compare POI in relation with the sierras that will be awesome! If the sambar can run 154-180 pistol bullets over 2000 fps with trail boss that can be a hammering finishing load (even hunting load!)

I was also considering the 300SAUM brass as the parent case... 225 grains at 2800 seem a nice load but somewhat difficult to handle... my sendero run the 208 amax at 2867 and kicks hard... the sambar rifle should be much light that the sendero... Have you shot the rifle without the suppresor?

Another idea was the 44-300WSM or 44-300SAUM... excelent choices for pistol bullets... but no that good for rifle 44 cal bullets. You can stalk up to long distances with that 225 sierra... not that long with a 265 FTX...

By the way... I´m about to get my first TF barrel... 6,5x47 lapua, varmint contour @ 25"... can´t wait to try it!

Thaks for your help!
21 Jun 2016
@ 01:18 am (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: 35 Sambar (358WSM)
Hey Alvaro
I dont know if I will get the chance to try pistol projectiles and trail boss.... but I know Nathan was trying some sub loads in the 35whelen AI I made.... maybe he may share is findings about this.

I hope the 6.5x47 goes well for you.



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