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.357 Magnum article now live

28 May 2016
@ 05:19 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster


This is yet another cartridge that is quite misunderstood. Hope you enjoy it.


31 May 2016
@ 10:27 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: .357 Magnum article now live
These Knowledge Base articles just keep getting better. Great piece of writing and research Nathan. Well done! I find these articles really helpfull when advising clients on cartridge choices.
Thank you.
01 Jun 2016
@ 05:39 am (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: .357 Magnum article now live
Great article Nathan. A cartridge I knew nothing about... now I know a lot more about. V interesting.

Great research & advice as per usual.

Thanks again Nathan,

01 Jun 2016
@ 09:04 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .357 Magnum article now live
Thanks guys, much appreciated.

As we get further into the wider bores, it helps paint a greater picture. In this case, we end up dealing with energy levels well blow 1000ft-lb but can still achieve clean killing so long as we understand some basic rules. But as you will have read, these factors are nowadays often neglected.
02 Jun 2016
@ 07:44 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: .357 Magnum article now live
another great bit article Nathan, after chatting about the 357 mag its great to see it uploaded you really out done yourself with how extenseive and detailed it is.
i finally found enough time to read it in detail and make sure its fully understood specially if i am to advise any pig hunters on ammo selection.

i maybe connecting the wrong dots here.
the 357 mag being one of the smallest handgun hunting cartridges it shares some of the same issues as the 224 bore when hunting big game.
matching projectile weight to animal weight becomes critical as we try to balance the penetration vs transfer of energy.

thank you for another great article Nathan i know how much time goes into every upload.



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