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Re: Questions about Remington 5r,Sendero,P

12 Nov 2012
@ 05:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Here is the best I can ascertain.

The 24" barreled rifle is from the M24 production line. It is a .308Win barrel, 1:11 twist, but instead reamed to .300 WM. These were the first run and should no longer be available new, only second hand.

The dedicated .300 Win Mag 5R rifle features a 26" 1:10 twist barrel and is most likely the better bet if utilizing the 208gr A-Max (thou some 1:11 twist rifles can shoot very heavy bullets quite well).

If the barrel is threaded, you may wish to employ a suppressor if this is legal in your state or a muzzle brake. Only you can decide on whether it best suits you to adopt a threaded or non threaded barrel. The book you purchased will answer more questions regarding pros and cons.


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