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Recoil pads and accuracy?

12 Nov 2012
@ 05:26 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Hi Nathan,I have a question for you regarding recoil pads.
I have always wondered if recoil pads can affect accuracy?
Reason I ask is where I hunt often times the temprature is between maybe 30 degrees in the mornings and might be 65 or 70 in the afternoon.
I realize that temprature has an effect on the pressure of the loads but also wonder if the rubber in a recoil pad would recoil differently being as how it is stiffer when it is colder and more springy when it is warmer ?
If so I am thinking that at say a couple of hundred yards or so or less that the difference in poi would probably be insignificant but curious whether at longer ranges say 500 yards or so it might be very significant.
OR does the extra padding we have on when it is cooler offset the stiffnes of the pad when it is cooler ?
Nitpicking I know but I want to remove as many variables as possible on a basically dedicated longrange rifle.
regards Craig


12 Nov 2012
@ 07:49 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Recoil pads and accuracy?
Hi Craig, if this is a variable, it is one I would prefer to ignore as there are so many other variables to work through that it can simply become too much.

Straight recoil is a main consideration as outlined in the book.


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