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Re: The wonderful 35 cal

16 May 2016
@ 08:17 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi Bryan and Bob
i have been reading this thread its very interesting i can't as much as my 35/303 still in the works.

as Nathan mention at the start we have been chatting about few things around the 357 mag mainly, its been educational to say the least.
ill let Nathan upload his research before i comment on it.

when i first talked to Nathan about building a 35/303 i had done some trial dummy rounds with 250gr hotcors.
Nathan suggested that i look mainly at the 225gr game kings as the projectile of choice for nz game.
sounds like a few of the 358 projectiles are of stout design so going to the flat nose can help with energy transfer.

me and Warwick have exchange few projectiles so ill have a lot of testing to do once im up and running but it looks like the hornady 200gr ftx's should be my go to projectile with smooth feeding.


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