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Sako Roughtech a7 stock

12 May 2016
@ 09:21 pm (GMT)

mark suckling

Hi Guys,
Anyone had any experience with the new...ish Sako A7 roughtech pro?
I wondered if the stock is actually an H S precision or B&C or something Sako has produced?

The fore end looks a lot better than the standard A7

Anyone FL bedded one?


13 May 2016
@ 09:14 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Sako Roughtech a7 stock
I've got one coming up that I have to bed. Haven't pulled it apart but under first inspection the barrel and action flop round in the stock like a cucumber up a hallway. Don't know the origin of the stock but seams ok
13 May 2016
@ 12:31 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Sako Roughtech a7 stock
Chris! You let cucumbers walk up your Hallway??? I think you need to re-swat ya dive tables mate? You might be gettin tha bends! Mark Do you have any pictures of your A7 ?
13 May 2016
@ 08:43 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sako Roughtech a7 stock
Hi Mark, there is another thread on here showing the internals.

Hard to get the fit right / stress free with this stock versus the lug set up. Can be best to mill the lug section out, then bed a floating lug in place. The lug can be short- say 12-15mm. That or adopt a rigid mount as per the accurizing book.
16 May 2016
@ 01:14 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Sako Roughtech a7 stock
Cheers Chris, Id be interested to hear how you get on, I like that Cucumber up a hall way phrase!, reminds me of an old mates saying (referring to something quite different) "like waving a sausage in a cave"

Yes Warwick I have some pics of my A7 bedded, its in the original stock, I managed to crack the bedding at the knox during the roar, I was mulling over options, either rebedding the old stock or looking for a better replacement stock.

Thanks Nathan, it sounds like it may not be an ideal, solution... that's if I could even get one.


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