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Re: Tikka T3 GRS Laminate bedding

11 May 2016
@ 09:04 am (GMT)

Tikka Masala

Now, I plan on keeping a record of all steps I take with this bedding and for better or worse will have pictures at every long as I can have hands free. If it doesn't end well I will re-do the job, the compound etc only took 24hr to arrive when I ordered so it's not a big deal if I have to order again....but not my first choice!!

I'm hoping this thread an end up as almost a step-by-step.

Bearing in mind that I've set aside at least 2 weeks to get this done, and get it done right. I'm absolutely not in a hurry. In my experience being methodical and taking things slowly and thoughtfully will end in a better result. Please, nobody feel obliged to answer all of my questions in one go, and if you do answer any of my questions don't feel like you have to write an essay. I'm happy to wait either way.

My first questions so far:

1.) Masking tape, electrical tape, aluminium tape, powdered graphite. What brand/type (if it matters)? Where can I buy it?

2.) When I draw around the shape of the action in pencil I then move in a few mm at the tang and draw another line so there will be a reference level left after I've done some dremeling. Will the tang rest on this point at the back when I'm easing the action down into the compound, or is it just a visual reference so I know how much material I've removed during preparation...and this itself gets removed at the end?

3.) In the video the Remington had the bedding to support the barrel because it was a bit of a beast, does the T3 barrel also need this? How far forward of the action should I bed?

4.) Is the front of the action supported by the dam up by the barrel, and the rear supported by the reference point I left when removing material around the tang?

5.) The parallel walls of the stock next to the action and very very very close to the action. I need to remove the same 1.5mm+ on each side as I will below the action right?

6.) In the recoil lug recess I need to remove enough material so there is approx 4mm of space for compound on all sides? This will give the compound enough strength and prevent me bumping the lug as I'm easing the action into the mortice. Is this correct?


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