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Tikka Super Varmint rifles

11 Nov 2012
@ 02:35 pm (GMT)

Andrew O'Reilly

Yes I'm on a budget and am looking at the T3 Super Varmint, I'm still trying to figure out which calibre and am waiting for your book as I think thats probably going to assist in the decision making. I have a T3 Hunter 7.08 which is awesome out to 300 as thats about my limit. I have shot a freinds 6.5x 284 F class rifle with a night force scope system and was able to hit 12' plates at 1000m which has got me interested in the long range plate shooting. So can you give me a heads up on the super varmint set up.


12 Nov 2012
@ 03:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka Super Varmint rifles
Hi Andrew, I go into great detail regarding the Tikka rifle design and models in the book. The super varmint is relatively straight forwards. I have only seen one dud barrel in the last few years which is pretty good going. More info can be found in the book.

Please avoid the magnum chamberings as the T3 magazine is very much on the short side. In .300 Win mag, bullet jump when seating ammo to feed smoothly through the magazine can be up to 4mm (155 thou) or more.

The book will definitely answer all of your questions so please read it before getting too far ahead.


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