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Re: The wonderful 35 cal

08 May 2016
@ 05:58 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

If I were to proceed with a .358 Winchester build, one of the first things I would like to know is which bullets and weights people find best for overall use for elk and moose as well as the odd grizzly hunt for this caliber.

The above considered, I would think that for elk and moose in general a 225 grain should do wel most of the time, and give an acceptable trajectory as well. Given that a person might want to shoot closer at larger moose or a grizzly then perhaps a bullet like the 250 grain Speer Spitzer would be a choice.

So, what I am interested in knowing since searching the web and finding all kinds of answers from 35 whelen and 358 Win owners, I see there are no real best twist answers, so if I were to go with the 358 Winchester my choice might be a 22 inch heavy sporter barrel with a 1:14 twist.

I cannot see any real need for bullets heavier than the 250 grain, and I do not see a need for too fast a twist as in the 1:12 twist rate either. So what would you folks do?

I did try to online search in the forum for this kind of thread but did not find anything.


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