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7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax

06 May 2016
@ 09:54 pm (GMT)

Sebastian Shand

gidday guys
i think I've already got it mostly under control but just wanted to double check as my reloading manuals don't have 162grainers.

so as stated above 7x57 mauser its a steyr made sporteriesed ex military I'm setting it up for my wife to hunt with and loading it with 162grain amax. cases are norma. will ar 2209 powder be fine for this bullet weight? and should i just start at the minimum for 160grain listed projectiles?
the barrel length is approx 24 inch.
what sort of bullet jump should i go for?



07 May 2016
@ 07:18 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: 7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax
Hi Sebastian yes use data for 160s I use 2209 in the old ruger m77 in 7x57 I load for. Set coal for magazine or concentricity first or start .2mm off lands if mag and concentricity will permit
07 May 2016
@ 08:12 am (GMT)

Sebastian Shand

Re: 7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax
awesome thanks chris
she's a long throated ol girl so ill probably have to load to fit the magazine.

10 May 2016
@ 05:25 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: 7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax
For my Ruger No. 1A in 7x57 I use Varget powder with an
OAL of 3.094" and a Lee crimper.
13 May 2016
@ 02:18 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax
Hello Sebastian, my 7x57 prefers 175 grain bullets but does well with the 162 Amax as well. I am awaiting a supply of Hornady's latest 175 grain ELD-X bullets for it as my A-max supply has run out now.

No worry with COAL on this rifle. It was a Model 700 Remington Classic with a long action as well as hinged floor plate, and fits and feeds most ammunition I feed her. When doing load workup for the A-Max as well as some Barnes bullets, it did not appear to be overly fussy at all over jump but the comment above about seating 0.002 from the lands did help when I tried it. The thing shoots factory 175 grain Winchesters into sub half inch groups which always amazed me...and more than a few moose that my boys shot with it.
13 May 2016
@ 09:16 pm (GMT)

Sebastian Shand

Re: 7x57 mauser relaoding 162amax
gidday bryan i was using 175grain seirra game kings but they were pin holing terribly so i had a a few boxes of the 162grain amax lying around i wasn't using, and I've heard so many good things about this load i couldn't help myself haha.
the rifle continues to amaze me as it was a rough cheapy i picked up for $500 it isn't free floated or bedded the trigger is horrible long sticky pull but it produces 0.5inch groups with out any fuss.
I'm still loading up at the moment but I've gone with a 82mm coal which if my calculations are correct is about .33mm off the lands and it fits very nicely into the magazine with plenty of room to spare.
started at book minimum for 160grain in my ADI loading manual and I'm now up to 45.5 grains. still no pressure signs and still shooting incredibly well. i'll probably go a wee bit further but I'm keen on a load thats kind on brass life.
44.5 grains was giving me sub half inch so might chrono that and see what my fps is, could be a good load to go for as my wife won't be shooting any great distances at this stage.


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