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Tape and Paint

04 May 2016
@ 07:00 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Hello all, I've been keeping my head down lately and have been slowly working on my rig. I haven't been doing much shooting due to a frustrating combination of shift work and a shooting range that never seems to be open. But I digress... I've taken up the challenge of taping and painting my Rem 700 SPS tactical 308 (TruFlite 21" with 1/11 twist) with my Sightron S111 6-24 LRMDCM. I taped the stock and used acrylic(?) Rustoleum camo spray packs. I used the method from the following youtube:

I particularly liked it as I often find myself hunting in Australian dry grass fields and this pattern seemed perfect.

Things I would do differently next time:
1. Use primer on the barrel first or sand with coarse grit - paint scratches off easily
2. Use 2 pack epoxy paint to wet out the tape. I had to pull the tape twice as the first acrylic was too thick and did not dry, the second time round I used single pack epoxy and that didn't set either... Aaaarghhh. Ended up with a lot of light coats over a few days with one last thicker coat.
3. Don't use thick cord. It's hard to get tight on the piece. A mixture of rubber bands and Jute twine (I double mine over to make it thicker) would be perfect. The twine leaves I nice rough blended line.
Click on the link below for photo album.


04 May 2016
@ 11:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tape and Paint
Good stuff. As long as the bedding area is clear and rust proofed and the bore is looked after (more so on blued as opposed to the TF barrel), this will keep the rifle well protected long term. I see you have painted the rings and safety lever. I normally ignore these so that the tape and paint is utilized as a more basic protective coating / stock grip improvement which can be stripped away inside a couple of hours if need be. But in any case, your rifle should be well protected now and you'll note how well the grip texture works for shooting.


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