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gun law stuff for new zealand

03 May 2016
@ 09:36 am (GMT)

trevor savage

Public submissions are now open on the inquiry into illegal firearm possession.


03 May 2016
@ 01:39 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: gun law stuff for new zealand
We have a bunch of want-to-be-seen-doing-something politicians here in Canada as well these days.
03 May 2016
@ 03:34 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: gun law stuff for new zealand
While I am not a criminologist, nor am I familiar with the crime situation in New Zealand, I am sure the answers to their questions are universal:

While not all criminals illegally possess firearms, all illegally possessed firearms are in the hands of criminals.

Those who do not have a license to legally possess a firearm come into possession illegal.

The illegal flow of firearms is based on supply and demand. There will always be a demand, so there will always be a supply.
03 May 2016
@ 09:30 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: gun law stuff for new zealand
Thanks Trev.

This is a tough one. The two common channels are:

1. Weapons coming in via ocean going vessels.
2. Deliberate smash and grabs on farms. Farmers being targeted as a likely source.

In talking to cops, the main factors regarding the farm break ins, is to get farmers to lock the guns away regardless of how tired they might be at the end of a work day. Secondly, to make sure safes are strong enough to withstand invasion - aleast to the point where the criminal is forced to make such noise that he loses the edge of concealment.

The trouble is, we have no laws here to protect a citizen, should he try to prevent a criminal from taking weapons. So should a farmer hear a clatter- what is he actually supposed to do?

If any forum members have time, please take a moment to write a submission. It all helps and it only takes a few minutes to fill the comments box.


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