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Howa mini action varmint

02 May 2016
@ 02:00 am (GMT)

Mike R

Just bought one and have tried it out on some kangaroos, it went very well over the 3 days. Would recommend it for what it's worth. Dislikes, Hogue stock is a bit flimsy on the fore end, magazine release on the front easy to engage inadvertently trigger could be better, but it ain't to bad at all for a a rifle I payed $655 for brand new. For that you get a stainless 223 with a 20 inch heavy barrel and 10 shot magazine that's very much needed and which functioned flawlessly (even though it feels cheap) the action itself is very smooth.
I had loaded up some 55gr Hornady z-max to use over 8208xbr, there was no time to do any load development but they seemed to group under MOA shooting off my 4wd anyway.
The scope I chose was the new Nikko Stirling Panamax 6-18x50IR which the only fault is the illuminated reticule can be too bright at night even on its lowest setting in certain situations, but other times it allows you to make the shot that you could not have if it wasn't illuminated. Just as well it's easy to turn off and on, and the glass is more than clear enough for the ranges we shoot. Oh yeah the total weight for the package is only 3.7 kg


04 May 2016
@ 04:17 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Howa mini action varmint
Nice Mike. This one would a good base for further work. There is plenty that can be done with these rifles to trick them out in a DIY fashion. I am quite a fan of the Howa rifles.
04 May 2016
@ 05:36 am (GMT)

Michael Rayner

Re: Howa mini action varmint
I was surprised at how well it went considering how little I paid for it, I swear it's almost as smooth as a tikka. Much better than the normal Howa short actions we were considering, Neutral handling as well ++
08 Dec 2017
@ 03:30 pm (GMT)

Mike R

Re: Howa mini action varmint
Well it’s been a long time since I’ve had this and it’s had thousands of rounds down the spout. Accuracy is still outstanding just shot a half inch group last month, and it has taken hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands of pests including quite a few small pigs.
Have tested the scope back to back with a few different bushnells, Redfield, and a Zeiss terra. At night time the resolution and brightness of the Panamax is far better than the bushnells it ain’t funny especially when using a red torch, it’s better than the zeiss and red field but by smaller margin. My mate has already bought one for his new 204 and my other mate reckons he’s going to get one too after his scope buggered up on our last trip.
Down side is still the ease in which the magazine can drop out so I bought a spare. Both magazine while feeling cheap have functioned well and what a boon to have 20 rounds ready to go when you get into a big mob. I now have a simple shooting technique running through my head (and holding the Fore end), Relax Breath squeeze. That enables me to get on a big role without a miss to the point it becomes monotonous and far less fatigue


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