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Laminated stock

16 Apr 2016
@ 10:29 am (GMT)


I have been reading the acurizing book and found a few mods to do to my rifle that involved filing some of the laminated stock away, this is a factory ruger laminated stock which I think might just be a boyds stock but I'm not sure.
Do I need to seal the area I have filed away with any thing or are laminated stocks naturally sealed from all the glue.
Also when I relieve the stock for bedding and floating the barrel will it need sealing then?


16 Apr 2016
@ 07:54 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Laminated stock
Hi Russel, Regarding the material you remove for bedding, the compound will seal this nicely.

In the forend, the material removed for floating can be resealed with teak or danish oil. See the oil used in the book.

Good to see that you have this book. Please make sure you follow it through from beginning to end. Have answered your email questions privately but again, answers can be found in detail in the book.

One last thing, yours has the pressure points so do make use of this when bedding- you can keep your bungees to absolute minimum tension and eliminate any potential stock or action stressing during bedding.


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