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The 45-70

02 Nov 2012
@ 09:28 pm (GMT)

Shane Llewell

Having shot alot in NZ, now living in OZ, I heard about the 45-70 over here so after some looking into the rifle, I brought one it is a Marlin Guide Gun in stanless steel fitted with a leuopod 1-4x20 VX 2 scope, A short very powerful rifle, ammo is a bit pricey but I have just reloaded about 100 rounds with 400gn Speer projectiles using ADI 2207 Powder at 50gns & that worked out too about $1.70 a shot not bad for a bullet that would drop anything over here, I mean anything. It would be ideal on Red Deer, The rifle is short so ideal for bush work in NZ, Great pig stopper, It has a kick though not for the faint hearted


03 Nov 2012
@ 12:25 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: The 45-70
Hi,if the recoil is that bad why not try one of the 300 grain bullets and maybe a recoil pad such as the Pachmayer Decelorator or a Sims ?
Might keep ya from developing a flinch.

03 Nov 2012
@ 06:06 pm (GMT)

Shane Llewell

Re: The 45-70
Cheers Craig, Yes I did look at the 300gn projectiles and when I purchased the rifle I brought all the ammo the shop had for the 45-70 which only consisted of 3 boxes of Federal power shock 300gn but now knowing all factory ammo is powered down so as to fire in any old trapdoor 45-70, The recoil was more of a "push" than a thump if you know what I mean, But still enough for my mate who didn't hold it into his sholder enough it cut his eyebrow, The store I brought it from did have a good range of reloading gear though, I purchased a Lee Reloader Kit cheep $35, I have the Lee lenght gauge, Lee powder measure & Lyman scales, After reading Nathans article on large meplat the Speer 400gn was for me, Running with ADI 2207 powder & Remmington brass also the Federal brass I had fired, The rifle is really come into it's own now it does not feel under powered now, I have not developed a flinch though but the bullet is really flying now, May look at a recoil pad though,

Cheers Shane


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