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Upsizing 30-06 to 338-06

13 Apr 2016
@ 10:58 pm (GMT)


Good afternoon,

I'd like to resize 30-06 brass to 338-06 and am not sure which dies are required for this or the correct procedure. I'm going to use new unfired 30-06 brass. Can you go from 30-06 straight to 338-06, or is there an intermediate step? Should I use neck sizing or full length?

I've not purchased the dies yet, but would likely use RCBS dies. However, I'm open to suggestions.


Lane Salvato


14 Apr 2016
@ 02:13 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Upsizing 30-06 to 338-06
Hi Lane, I suggest you obtain a Hornady die set. This will allow you to step up in one simple pass due to the long and well shaped expander button (even better with a fine polish).

If you already have Hornady .338 Win Mag dies, you could use these for now (will be a neck up / neck die set). So no need to spend more money if you have these on hand at present.

Long term, you may want to send a fireformed case off to Lee precision for a custom neck set. All depends on how this ammo turns out once you are up and running.
15 Apr 2016
@ 01:30 am (GMT)

Grant Lovelock

Re: Upsizing 30-06 to 338-06
I was making 35 whelen brass from 30-06 springfield brass..... I started by using a 338 RCM die to size the neck first to 338 (pushing the neck mandrel through the brass neck.... not all the way into the die)..... it worked well, so as Nathan says.... once you have the right dies just a one step procedure.

Better yet step up to the 358 cal and make a whelen.


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